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Improve business revenue and explore global markets with Appending Service

We know for a fact that the way a business was being done has changed enormously by the web and social networking sites today. There are no more door to door sales happening, as you can connect with your target audience directly from your desktop, where your database plays the major role. You can reach out to your targeted audience in international markets and even improve business revenue by striking international deals.
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In today’s competitive market it is not easy to retain customers’ contact details for a long time as they keep changing jobs, phone numbers, location, etc. And now, if you wish to connect with these customers, you are not sure if the existing customers’ database you have is still valid or has become obsolete. You can either deploy your staff to make calls to your existing database and get it verified or just contact Lake B2B for Appending services. With Appended data it is possible for marketers to make direct and effective communication with customers to facilitate business expansion, lead generation, customer acquisition and retention and more.

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Lake B2B has a set of Appending services to make any database work for you. It is through this process that we match the information with Lake B2B’s master database. This is faster, quicker and the most viable option for any business which is running ahead of time. We provide the most relevant leads to help you reap maximum returns from your investments. Collaborate with us to get your customers database updated or appended to get better returns.

Lake B2B’s Appending Process

Business rely heavily on emails, therefore emails marketing is the top choice for marketers and business alike for its easy access and affordability. With our appending service we provide accurate data that will give you an edge over your competitors. Get your data appended to take your business to the next level of success.

  • Customers’ database is received by us
  • We match your file with our permission based Masterfile
  • We then add only the opt in emails and verified data to your list
  • Emails that have bounced and are not active are removed
  • Welcome email is sent to your business customers to check for deliverability
  • Your Appended Email Database is delivered within the stipulated time for you to download

Different types of appending services we provide

Benefits of Appending Service

Get your data appended by Lake B2B to enhance lead generation, network effectively with business professionals and explore new business opportunities.

  • Connect with your target audience in just a few seconds
  • Having email addresses of your prospects and customers can improve customer service and retention
  • Information through emails will reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns significantly
  • You only pay for e-mail addresses that are successfully appended
  • Get better ROI from your campaigns
  • Email appended data can strengthen the relationship with your prospects and customers
  • Increase traffic to your website drastically
  • Enhance your conversion rates to the maximum

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At Lake B2B we deliver the best Appending Service to help businesses acquire, manage and retain customers. So, make the most out of this opportunity and invest in our Appending Services to generate revenue, increase your brands market presence and grow your business to its full potential.

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