It is true to say that every business is unique, bespoke data solutions are the need of the day. A niche business requires a niche solution to an extent where a pre-packaged dataset simply won’t work. Not all businesses can generate results with off-the shelf data solutions. You need to get realistic and ask yourself questions before making the decision to invest in a pre-packaged list.

Is it the reach or the effectiveness that matters to you?

Custom Data is our proprietary offering. What this means is that there’s absolutely no player in the market that offers custom data offerings. We build exclusive data that is custom-built & segmented as per the industry; profile & geography of your choice; to ensure you reach the most perfect business audience that can have a direct impact on your results.

Why You Need it?

While exploring what data works best for your organization, you have a choice – to take the custom route or opt for a pre-packaged list. This is a tough call to make, why? While a pre-packaged list might come at a cost effective package and help you reach a mass audience, a custom package will narrow your scope and enable focused communications with a core set of audience. Ultimately it all narrows down to what the focus of your campaign is.

Is it to reach a wider audience that facilitates brand recall or to optimize customer engagement with a custom list?

While there might be lots of companies that may not want to spend time & resources on developing a custom-data list, a pre-packaged comes nowhere close to what a custom list can offer when the focus is results.

Imagine the efficiency of your multi-channel campaigns with up to 75+ intelligence fields. Having enjoyed the status of being an industry leader for Global B2B Data solutions, we can say that there’s a remarkable shift in the contact data requirements over the years. The trends are clear and obvious – Custom data is creating waves across the globe. Take the generic spray & pray approach off your campaign, run precision-targeted campaigns tailored to impact & influence your customers.

Additional Fields Covered

  • Title/Greeting
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Employee Range
  • Revenue Range
  • SIC Code
  • SIC Description
  • NAICS Code
  • NAICS Description
  • Location Type
  • (HQ/SL/Branch)
  • Site DUNS
  • Linkedin URL
  • Contact Gender
  • Stock Exchange
  • Stock Ticker Symbol
  • Location Type(HQ/Sl/Branch)
  • Company Type(Public/Private))
  • Site DUNS
  • Credit Score Code
  • Stock Exchange
  • Stock Ticker Symbol
  • Number of PCs Used(Range)
  • Square Footage
  • Subsidiary Indicator
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Company Year of Establishment
  • Website IP
  • Top 3 Competitors
  • eCommerce Flag
  • Telecom Provider
  • Phone Type(Landline/Mobile)
  • Contact LinkedIn URL
  • Social Presence Indicator(Company LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter etc.)
  • Web Server
  • SSl Certificate
  • Hosting Providers
  • Email Services Providers
  • Nameserver Providers
  • Email Services Provider
  • Content Management
  • System Providers
  • Frameworks Providers
  • Advertising Providers
  • Analytics and Tracking Providers
  • JavaScripts Libraries Providers
  • Audio/Video Media Providers
  • Mobile Provider
  • Widgets Providers
  • Content Delivery Network Providers
  • Aggregation Functionality Providers
  • Document Information Providers
  • Encoding Providers
  • CSS Media Queries Providers
  • Server Information Providers
  • International CDN Providers

Why Us?

Do your research and get the facts, there’s absolutely none in the industry who can offer you custom- data solutions like we do. Why do we do this – We understand how every single contact data can amplify your growth and create new business opportunities and that’s what we are driven by. We are a passionate team of 200+ data scientists doing extensive research & deep business intelligence to bring to you crystal clear, precision-targeted custom customer data of every single industry, profile & geography across the world.

10 Step Opt-in Process

Here’s how we assisted an Aviation Manufacturer Bag a Whopping $550K with a Custom-Built Targeted Dataset

The Process We follow

Where Our Data is Procured from

Where Our Data is Procured from

Primary Data Collection Sources:

  • Tradeshows,events and conferences
  • Government records and listings
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • Postal Services Information(NCOA)
  • Public Record Information
  • Annual reports, SEC Filings and public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • B2B Directory Partnerships
  • Free Magazine/Newspaper subscription offers
  • Business Trade magazine subscription offers
  • 9,000+ Telephone and online Directories and Yellow pages

Secondary Data

  • Websites and Blogs
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Web based registration/ offers
  • TV, Radio and Print Advertising
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Phone surveys
  • Point of sale

Contact Intelligence – Overview

The custom-data can be further dissected with exemplary intelligence fields to offer you with contact insights depending on the nature and importance of your campaign. Here’s a sample overview

Contact Intelligence – Overview

And this is just one of the many data gems we offer. Want to Know What’s Trending?

Data Enrichment – Given the growth splurge and competition across the B2B Landscape, there’s a humongous rise in customer data. With data comes the unavoidable element of data decay, your campaigns are only as effective as your data. Discover how Top Fortune companies globally are opting for Data Enrichment as an indelible part of their data management & multi-channel campaigns.
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