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People Talk We Execute

A lot of organizations talk about culture - their infrastructure, fun events and great perks. But we believe it's about valuing people in a way that truly enriches their lives. We hire the best talent and provide them with the best of learning to create a myriad of opportunities to excel.

We continuously work towards developing their skills and providing an inclusive culture where every individual can truly flourish.

Working here is not too easy.
But you'll absolutely love it.

We've created an atmosphere that appreciates and rewards proactive, self-driven, and innovative people and are positioned to take on the global market and strive towards beating our own benchmarks every single day.

If you like challenges you will love it here, because we solve some tough challenges like no one else does.

Work You Can Be Proud Of

We design, source, and develop nearly everything we sell. It's the only way we can ensure that every product we offer is something we'd want the world to talk about. That pride and creativity spills over into everything we do. When you really care, it shows.

At Lake B2B each day is a carnival of fun and learning!

A positive environment driven by the right values brings out the best in people and that’s exactly what we do. Over the past decade we've built a great team doing some great work, achieving personal and professional goals and has an awesome time doing it. We take pride in putting our people first before business and offer benefits that you will truly value.

Why Join the Wagon

People are core to our success. We have the brightest, most talented and most diverse set of people who have taken the organization to greater realms of success. We choose our recruits with infinite care and research. So if you are one of the lucky ones who get to join our team you can be sure of many things to look forward to.

Should you need more reason to be a part of our team?

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