Indulge yourself with industry-specific marketing solutions from Lake B2B

While each industry is different, so are the requirements of data and marketing solutions in them. Be it for any industry, Lake B2B screens data lists and marketing solutions based on your criteria.

See what solutions we offer for different industries:

  • Automotive:
    It is important for automotive marketers to understand the market in depth, both current and future. We understand the factors that drive brand awareness and inject interest into customers, particularly for your brand. More on automotive-centric marketing solutions…
  • Healthcare:
    Healthcare marketing solutions from Lake B2B address business requirements, list building services such as anesthesiologist email addresses, general practice database, etc., brand observations, purchase behavior patterns, and improving the value realized from stakeholder relationships. Examine healthcare solutions…
  • Technology:
    We create superior marketing strategies based on the technology usage and trends and understanding of the technology landscape. Stay up-to-date technologically…
  • Manufacturing:
    Lake B2B understands the entire spectrum of the manufacturing industry, be it in construction, mining, or industrial equipment. Experts create integrated marketing strategies to help businesses meet communication goals by taking overheads to the minimum in the industry. Get manufacturing database solutions…
  • Publishing:
    We help publishing businesses with new subscribers, customer-towing discussions, and inclusive loyalty strategies. Widen your publishing base…
  • Retail:
    Experts at Lake B2B understand the online retail landscape and create world-class marketing strategies by identifying changes in consumer behavior and attitudes as they move through the buying cycle. Get verified retail database…
  • Education:
    Lake B2B helps marketers in the education industry with intelligent print and digital media solutions by comprehending the ever-changing educational changes. Study the education industry…
  • Finance & Banking:
    Adhering to the quickly changing market trends, Lake B2B offers secure new opportunities and domain-centric business processes to keep you leading in the competition. Analyze the finance & broking market…
  • Marketing:
    In today’s highly competitive world, we understand the need for continual development and strategies that ensure customer acquisition and retention. Gain more from our marketing research services…
  • Oil & Gas:
    Through an accountable and flexible approach, we manage marketing and media activities of oil & gas companies. Acquire oil & gas companies’ database…
  • Real Estate:
    With years of experience in real estate marketing solutions, we are able to help all facets of the real estate industry by identifying customer criteria. Check into our real estate repository…
  • Telecommunications:
    Lake B2B provides timely solutions needed to make tactical business decisions in critical situations. Benefit from our marketing database…
  • Travel:
    Experts at Lake B2B provide top-end solutions to help the world’s best travel companies, be they airliners, trip facilitators, or hoteliers. Find more insights for your travel business…

You may be on the lookout for some other specific industry. Contact us to let us know your requirements.

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Indulge yourself with industry-specific marketing solution from Lake B2B.

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Since formation, Lake B2B has been at the forefront of data management services, list solutions, and customer data insights. We provide data centric solutions to a wide range of business-to-business companies. Our focus over the years has been on improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns, driving more revenue, and increasing profitability of sales and marketing teams in organizations.

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