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We can help you find the best customer match with our intent identification.

Find the best prospects who are actively seeking solutions provided by your company or industry.Choose from our affordable Data Solutions and Intent-Driven Customer Segments that match your specific targeting needs. We will help you build a prospect pipeline that that sales team needs to scale conversions and revenues. With our Market Segmentation Consulting and Sales Territory Planning, you will discover untapped customer profiles in the best geographies – who are actively researching for your solutions and offerings.

Use these Powerful industry-Specific Marketing Solutions from LakeB2B

Because each industry is different and so are the requirements of sales and marketing leaders who are aiming for data-driven customer targeting. Based on your industry, we will data and marketing solutions in them. Be it for any industry, LakeB2B screens data lists and marketing solutions based on your criteria.

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Specific to Technology

IT Consulting & Digital Transformation SaaS Products Martech and CRM Solutions IoT and Factory of Future
FInTech Retail and CPG Technologies Mobile and Web Applications Digital Transformation
UX & UI CDP and Marketing Automation Process Automation Mobile Gaming
Mobile Hardware and Software Remote Workplace of Future Collaboration and Networking Broadcasting and Media Tech
Cloud Computing and Hybrid CLoud IT Workload Management IT Platform as a Service Storage, Backup and Cybersecurity
Virtual Machines Desktop as a Service Data Management Platforms Programmatic Search Technologies

How You Can Help Your Sales & Marketing Team
Using Our Industry-Specific Lead Data Solutions

We are in this journey to help your Go-To-Market Teams and Sales & Marketing Leaders experience growth velocity with our hyper-targeting. Each of these datasets are designed to enrich your lead CRM or build an altogether new pipeline with contextual intent of matching customers.

Enable sales territory planning, multi-regional reach and targeting

Help the team determine total addressable Go-to-Market and scope

Build sales prospecting pipeline of targeted customer profiles or job titles

Shortlist leads and custom build pipelines based on specific targeting criteria

Launch campaigns based on the market’s tech install data and other key insights

Ensure ABM and online advertising campaigns are targeting the best accounts and profiles

  • +400 Million B2B Profiles
  • +1 Billion Intent Touchpoints
  • +300 Million Buying Companies

Join Us to Explore Marketing Data Solutions & Intent Catalogue Covering Every Industry CMOs, CXO, CTO and More.