Grow Your Travel & Tours Affiliate and Seller Network and Find the Best Accounts to Pitch Your Packages.

Expand your travel and tourism business in new promising geos and customer segments.

Understand the expectations and purchasing behaviors of travel resellers to target precisely

Receive Dedicated Prospecting Support to Achieve Scalable Growth

The tourism industry is widely dispersed with a number of independent travel distributors. With such a diverse web of distribution channels, getting a competitive advantage can take time.

Reduce your marketing efforts by half using our well-defined customer bases. Now leave the guesswork behind and trust our verified contacts to identify, engage, and convert prospective customers using the hawk-eyed TAM approach.

Get started by asking questions like:

  • Can I segment my TAM based on customer preferences?
  • Can I grow my outreach to customer clusters in a specific geography?
  • Can I access contacts of agents in premium locations across continents?
  • How can I find and target decision-makers involved in organizing MICE tours?
  • Can you provide sales-ready leads looking for business tour packages?
  • How can I check which distribution channels are best for my travel products?

Targeted marketing begins when you have the correct answers to your questions and concerns. You name your core personas, and we’ll deliver. Consult our travel and tourism industry marketing specialist to join the growth curve today.

Some of the Pressing Challenges in Travel that Demand Your Attention and Time

Ready to drive a profitable stake in the industry? Talk to our data experts now.

Pitching complex selling propositions of tour packages in a precise manner for effective targeting

Competitive pricing of tour products and packages because of growing market competition

Inefficient management of B2B commissions and markups owed to the travel distributors and resellers

Involvement of multiple representatives and stakeholders in the buying process leading to slow sales cycles

Excruciating hours of communication over calls and emails with agents to bargain rate and availability

Delayed sales cycles resulting from a constant back and forth of communication and negotiation

Purchasing behaviors keep changing in the tourism industry. How can LakeB2B help you? Well, we can provide you with any and every business contact information under the sun based on your unique requirements. This helps your marketing and sales teams put more energy into fine-tuning selling propositions when targeting high-intent leads.

Back your outreach campaigns using demographic information such as:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • Mailing Address
  • State
  • Country
  • NACIS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • Geographical Location
  • FAX Number
  • ZIP Code
  • LinkedIn Address
  • Employee Size

With such a refined database, you can eliminate the chances of targeting the wrong profiles and business leads. This also allows for a higher degree of behavioral targeting and prospect engagement, which can bring you more business and overcome the slow sales cycles.

Simplify Selling Tours by Directly Engaging Tour Providers

Now directly engage your core customer clusters comprising:

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • Independent local agents
  • Destination-specific OTAs
  • Activity providers
  • MICE tour organizers
  • Destination management organizers (DMOs)

Whatever your domestic market looks like, your international customer base will always operate differently. As aggregators in the tourism segment, you need to stay on top of the changing travel trends and market dynamics across distribution channels.

Understanding the structure of the distribution system takes time, especially when you’re focused on a niche segment. That is why you stand to gain a lot from our nurturing marketing strategy that lets you access actionable TAM insights to deliver optimized content and engage/re-engage leads across multiple touchpoints.

Know Which Tour Channels are Worth Your Money and Time

Keep Your Best Travel Agents Engaged for a Long, Long Time

  • Exclusive behavioral intelligence to help you design more attractive product packages
  • A 360-degree analysis of your competitor’s travel products to help you design better tour packages
  • Actionable market insights so you can craft more compelling value propositions and garner more loyalty

Now Move More Qualified Travel Leads Deep into Your Sales Funnel

Understand the length and breadth of your TAM to craft winning marketing strategies and propositions

Pitch directly to executives and HRs heavily involved in the decision-making process

Nurture ready-to-convert leads at multiple touch points to grow your audience twice as fast

Influencing cold and ready-to-covert leads has become a whole lot easier

With Our Actionable Lead Intelligence, Take Over New & Old Growth Circuits in Tourism

Identify booming market segments and verticals by geography to promote optimized content and send personalized messages.

Understand the behavior and expectations of your travel partners to deliver customized offerings for improved conversions.

Gain insights into the various microsegments and changing customer preferences to offer contextualized product experiences.

Avail of dedicated marketing support to appoint and nurture more affiliates for 2x growth rate.