Connect with targeted customers using Email Appending Services

Email Appending is marketing practices that involves taking known customer data like, first name, last name, and postal address and also match it against a vendor’s database to get email addresses. This practice is also known as e-appending. In fact, most businesses prefer to keep in touch with their customers through emails as it is the most fastest, simple and also affordable marketing channel. Moreover, customers in particular want to be informed about your products and services. We at Lake B2B believe that when you have emails missing from your database it reduce deliverability rate. Furthermore, communication with potential business prospects also reduces. Nevertheless, we are here to help you with our Email Appending Services as a means of communication that is cost effective.

Lake B2B’s Email Appending Service will also help open new marketing channels.  Therefore, you can reach out to customers with social media advertising. Today, most customers are informed about new products and services through email. Therefore if you have any business or customers’ outdated email addresses you are likely to lose a potential customer. And today businesses cannot take this risk. As a result, we are here to help you with our Email Appending Service. So, get your data appended today.

Process for Email Appending Services

Use Email Appending Service to improve conversion rate

At Lake B2B we provide active email addresses and phone numbers of targeted customers to help you reach out to them effortlessly. This not only drives customer acquisition and retention but it also maximizes your results. Our Email Appending Service will ensure accurate and up-to-date email addresses to maintain business communication. Therefore, you can keep your data free of stale records and minimize email bounce rate.

We have been in the industry for over 16 years and have created a niche for ourselves in the global market with our Email Appending Service. This will further save your money and also reduce direct mail expenditures. In addition, we only append reliable email addresses to your database. Therefore, we help you get your messages delivered to the right customers. We have an experienced team who will guide you in all your marketing initiatives and also in selecting the right marketing service for your business.  Eventually, our email appending service will also improve conversion rates and increases ROI.

Process for Email Appending

We at Lake B2B have in fact made it simple for marketers to reach target audience in a more organized and simple way by using our Email Appending Service. With appended data you can in fact contact your customers in more ways to increase ROI from your advertising campaigns.

Email Appending Process

  • We receive clients’ database
  • Match it against our in-house opt-in emails
  • We also add updated email addresses to your list
  • Recipients who opted out and also bounced emails are excluded
  • Welcome email is also sent to customers email address to check deliverability
  • Finally, appended database is sent to your email address to be downloaded

Benefits of using Email Appending Services

Email in fact is the only channel used extensively by all businesses and marketers to communicate their messages. Likewise, add email addresses to your customer and marketing lists with the most reliable and accurate data available. Benefits of using our email  appending services are:

  • Most important, reach the right prospects faster
  • Build relations with prospects and also existing customers through digital marketing campaigns
  • Get accurate and also opt-in email address for faster conversions
  • Similarly, guarantees top quality data
  • Likewise, email appending service generates better revenue from your campaigns and maximizes your results
  • Email appending service is cost effective, thus you pay for only the successful appended email addresses
  • Again, it aids in greater customer retention
  • In addition, expand market reach
  • Finally, enhances communication

Above all we provide only permission passed email addresses that will help you reach your targeted audience and will surely get your message across to them. Besides, using our email appending service and having an authentic email database will also save time and effort by minimizing bounce rate. We also provide accurate and active email addresses of decision makers and executives of businesses across the world at the most competitive prices. As a result, we make sure to deliver our customers appended database within assured deadline.

Types of Email Appending Services

Lake B2B in particular offers various Email Appending Services to improve the quality of your in-house data. For example, you can add email address to your customer or prospect list to communicate better and also market your products or services. Our Email Appending service will also add email addresses, full name, and postal addresses, to your existing customer and also prospects list.

Business Email Appending Service: For example, we add title, company names, individual names and also addresses to determine email addresses for your customers. Moreover, we append them to your current business contact list.

Consumer Email Appending Service: We will also help you to connect with your audience more efficiently and also drive more online revenue. We also add guaranteed deliverable email addresses to your postal records. In fact, our Email Appending Service also helps your email campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Reverse Email Appending Service: We also use the email address of your customers to find their names and postal address. It is therefore done by matching their email address against a data provider’s database.

With Email Appended Data explore opportunities across countries

Reaching your target audience in today’s highly competitive market is not an easy task. Moreover, you also need to have access to accurate data so that you do not waste time going behind non responsive leads. Hence, we at Lake B2B believe that you need to use our email appending service to get your existing data updated. Furthermore, with Email Appended Database you can roll out marketing campaigns to customers in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and many more countries. Moreover, you can strengthen your business relationship and expand customer network by opting for Lake B2B’s email appending service.

We at Lake B2B certainly believe that using our email appending service can enhance the size of your email list. In truth, email appending service can turn your data into a revenue-generating machine. It can therefore boost your ROI through email marketing, tele marketing and direct marketing campaigns. Moreover, if you are still using your old customers’ database it’s about time you avail our Email Appending Services and reap benefits. In conclusion, it’s essential for your business success that you update your existing and future customers email lists. So, finally, partner with us and see your business grow like never before.

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