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Search Engine Optimization

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Successful SEO happens when you have experts implementing Search Optimization to elevate search rankings for every webpage you own. To add value to that, you may want to use an internal CRM application that we provide free to customers. Our own SEO techniques gained a position in the top 5 for “CRM for Small Business” within two months of implementation. To see to it that your SEO capabilities stay in full bloom, we perform website audit, keyword building, appropriate analysis, link building, content, site architecture, and even build for you a landing page to conduct traffic-boosting email marketing.

Salient Features

Strategic positioning of your business

Highly experienced team of search marketing experts

Relevant keywords, analytics, HTML,content, etc.

Analytics tracked at every stage of the campaign

Search Engine Optimization is done to place your website at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). It employs various tactics like keyword placement, link building, title optimization, etc.

LakeB2B offers an entire suite of SEO services for your website to rank high on any search page. Take your pick from our specialized PPC and Search Marketing services to get there.

Search Marketing

Trust us with the art of positioning your services

Search Marketing is an essential way to attain a better ranking on a search page. It includes strategies like paid placements, contextual ads, paid inclusions, etc. LakeB2B offers specialized search marketing services for strategic promotion and positioning of your business, unlike other search engine optimization companies. Our Search Marketing services are formulated after ascertaining your services and brand value carefully.

Key Benefits

  • Niche campaigns designed for a more prominent presence, higher traffic counts and higher sales
  • Keywords generated after extensive research and distilling those with good search history
  • Thorough analysis of competitor sites done to make the campaign unique
  • Analysis of present content and tweaks to make it more reader oriented