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Data enrichment is a crucial part managing your data. It allows you to incorporate fresh information into your existing records to improve its accuracy and value. This gives users the confidence to use the information for their business initiatives so that you can reap benefits from it. Businesses and companies both small and large collect a staggering amount of data and over time due to multiple factors such as when employees change names and jobs to continue elsewhere, when they get promoted and their designation is changed, when businesses expand and people shift to a new location it is likely to decay. At Lake B2B we have clearly understood this and that is why we believe that our Data Enrichment Service is one of the most important steps in improving the value of your business data.

Data Enrichment by Lake B2B helps you to understand the needs of customers. Our teams first validate the contact data such as name, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses that you already have. Once it is cleaned we append missing or incomplete information and enhance your records with available data, including financial data, buyer inclination, and much more. Data enrichment process would add these relevant figures; enhance your raw leads making them valuable for further use so that you can contact prospects. With enriched data you can personalize your messages to help your business to connect and engage with customers.

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Companies and businesses may have data that is either incomplete or lack vital information. Therefore data enrichment will help in filling the blanks in your existing database. As a Data Enrichment Company, we at Lake B2B not only correct spelling mistakes and typos in your database but also remove duplicated, outdated or ineffective data. There are different types of data enrichment services available, but the most common types are:

  • Geography: It involves adding postal data or latitude and longitude to your existing contact dataset that includes customer addresses. Data Enrichment Companies provide data that include ZIP codes, geographic boundaries between cities and towns, mapping insights, location, and country and so on.
  • Demographics: Acquiring new demographic data, such as marital status and income level, and adding that into an existing customer dataset is called demographic data enrichment. This can further improve your target marketing and enhance your revenue as well.

Why you need Data Enrichment?

Depending on what your business goals are you will need Data Enrichment Services. We ensure that clients get adequate information which is verified and accurate so that it can save your valuable time, increase productivity and leads.

Benefits of Data Enrichment Services

  • Enhancing conversion rates: Having multiple input fields in forms to collect more information on prospective leads will affects the conversion rate. However with data enrichment you can only add relevant fields which can lead to better approachability and higher conversion rates.
  • Personalization: To have successful communication with your clients you will need personal information. With a more personal approach you can target leads successfully.
  • Lead Count: When you have access to personal data you can prioritize your leads which are more likely to be converted into a customer. Enriched data will include things like location, business size or behavioral data, which will help you with lead scoring.
  • Customer Know-how: With enriched data you can strategize and target your email marketing campaigns. Having access to updated customer information will give you an added advantage in building productive relations with your customers.
  • Enriched Segmentation: With enriched lead data you can segment your customers by firmographics, behavior, demographics etc. Segmentation is important in organizing your customer database as it will improve your targeting and ability to determine your customers’ needs.

Data enrichment can help plan your marketing strategies to choose the best leads and get optimal results. It further aids in,

  • Increasing lead count
  • Maximizing conversion rates on your landing page
  • Improves sales
  • Personalized approach to your lead
  • Segmenting your data

Having access to good quality and enriched data is an added advantage for the success of any business. Lake B2B has experienced data experts who can meticulously enrich the data for you. So, investing in our Data Enrichment Service will help you connect with your global customers and stay ahead of your competitors.

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