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Project No: 1095069
My experience with Lake B2B has been very positive. I am very impressed with the process and the workflow, and their service would be very valuable as a tool for researchers, contract research organizations and any clinical trial work where surveys are a valuable tool in a mix of data collection activities.

Project No: 1095644
To deliver 455 contacts of Case managers in Texas
The list was pretty accurate with an accuracy rate of 93.5% I am very happy with 12,500 contacts. And it was put together quickly on very short notice. We have had some great leads and the campaign engagement rate has been very impressive. Looking forward to the campaigns planned ahead.

Project No: 1095328
Industry: All
Emp. Size: 500+
Job titles: HR decision makers and CEO
Geography: Mex & Brazil
Total number of records: 3500
Data fields: Company name, Contact name, job title and email

Hi Lake B2B team,
Happy 2023!!!
We were looking for an accurate list of CEOs and HR decision-makers and Lake B2B’s contact data has managed to surpass all our expectations. We’ve managed to garner a great customer response and our experience has been positive. We are currently reaching out to the leads and everything seems good.

Project No: 1095328
Aerospace manufacturing companies (USA)
Titles– Director of Sales, National Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales Vice President
Revenue – $25M above
Region– Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas
Data fields – Company Name, contact name, Job Role, Postal Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, City, State, Zip code, Country, URL, Email Address, Contact LinkedIn Source (wherever available)

Project No: 1095555
3 Email campaigns to 23,092 Oncologists
Hello; my name is Pat Crowley and I am the owner of Educational Concepts in Medicine, a company that develops continuing medical education [CME] programs for physicians and other healthcare providers.

It’s always a pleasure to say nice things about those whom we choose as tactical partners, and Lake B2B is certainly a partner on whom we have come to rely for sound advice and outstanding execution.

ECM has developed an interactive CME program about multiple myeloma. Although we had some limited ability to generate an audience, we needed to reach many more physicians practicing hematology/oncology.

When we discussed our challenges with the team at Lake B2B, they understood our needs and asked the right questions about the goals our educational activity were designed to achieve.

The team set about defining the audience parameters; recommending a contact schedule; suggesting copy improvements and other tips and techniques that maximized ‘click-throughs’; and providing test mailings gratis.

We are glad to have Lake B2B as a tactical partner and recommend their services to other organizations that need to reach any medical professionals across specific specialties of their choice.

    • Srmd

      Steve Dutko-Inside Sales Manager

      Hi Bryan,

      I just wanted to thank you and your team for all of the great you have done for us this year and in past years! In my opinion, our database has never been better and I look forward to seeing what 2021 brings us!

    • Sr Manager -Demand Generation

      Sr Manager -Demand Generation

      It has been very accommodating in making sure they deliver us quality contacts in the defined markets we were looking for. Their punctuality on services and follow through to make sure we got what we asked for has been great.

    • Demand Generation Marketing Associate

      Demand Generation Marketing Associate

      Your team did a good job in sourcing the required data. I would recommend your services to other looking for fast and reliable data.

    • Alliance Marketing Manager SAP Solutions

      Alliance Marketing Manager SAP Solutions

      All was great. You all are wonderful to work with, quick, timely and efficient. I will definitely recommend for future.

    • Senior Director, Marketing and Demand Generation

      Senior Director, Marketing and Demand Generation

      Thanks – the IR list has worked out fine. Quality was in line with our expectations.

    • Director/Business Operations

      Director/Business Operations

      Your service has been efficient and thorough – we greatly appreciate the quick response time.

    • Tara Freiberger

      Senior Marketing Manager

      Working with Lake B2B has been a terrific experience. They provided me with quality lists that have shown proven results. Their follow-through has been great; I’ve never worked with a list company who checks in to see how our campaigns are doing. Lake B2B actually cares about their customers and I look forward to working with them again soon.

    • Korena


      The list seems to be of good quality and we have not had a large number of undeliverable emails. We do not have any complaints on the list and we would look at utilizing your company again in the future. Thank you again for all of your help and the wonderful customer service that we have received from your team.

    • Nilay

      Vice President – Strategic Accounts

      The list from Lake B2B performed very well for the specific criteria.

    • Caleb

      Assistant Product Manager

      The Lake B2B team was extremely responsive in addressing our challenges in a satisfactory manner. They quickly came up with good solutions and ensured that it met our needs.

    • Timothy

      Senior Consultant

      Their communication was excellent and it was always easy to get in touch with them. The list itself was good for the physicians, we had good success with the email addresses provided.

    • Todd

      Director of New Business Development

      LakeB2B provides good and solid data. And, at the most economical price I could find. The free marketing piece they provide is intriguing.

    • Marry Ane

      Global Marketing Communications Manager – Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

      Lake B2B provided us great value when we purchased a marketing database contact list. They kept in contact with me to ensure that my list download was received, and offered ongoing customer service. They responded to my questions almost in real time, and offered suggestions to make use of the list in a more beneficial way. I would definitely work with them again.

    • Eric

      Director of Operations

      We have been pleased with your customer service and your continued follow up to make sure we were satisfied with your offering. You have been a pleasure to work with – very courteous and with the appropriate amount of follow-up to ensure we were taken care of.

    • Craig

      Business Development

      We were satisfied with the contact list provided by Lake Group. The customer service has been good.

    • Wendy

      Audience Development Mgr.

      Overall my experience with Lake Group Media has been positive. The lists I have purchased have meet the needs of our company and if there are any problems, they quickly help to resolve them.

    • Lauren

      Marketing Associate

      The list and experience was great. There is nothing I can think of that has to be changed.

    • Petricia

      Head of Marketing & Communication

      I am pleased to share that we are happy with the 2 lists of contacts that we bought last year. We are using them in our Direct Marketing campaigns and Sales campaigns.

    • Monika


      Hi there…yes it was a good list, we will definitely work with you guys again this year!

    • nicola

      Marketing Manager

      We are very happy in general with the quality of the list and the service from B2B.

    • Kelly Matthews Miller
      Kelly Matthews Miller
      Sales and Marketing Analyst
      Lake B2B has been very easy to work with, they have demonstrated a high commitment and delivered quality data as promised. As per our requirements ahead we will surely consider their services.

    • Alissa Federspiel
      Alissa Federspiel
      Director of Therapeutic Marketing
      Lake B2B was great to work with and the quality of data proved to show positive results in our email campaigns. I would recommend them.

    • Jennie Snider
      Jennie Snider
      Director of Corporate Relations
      I found your team to be very responsive and helpful to obtain this list!

    • Jason Cheam
      Jason Cheam
      I am very pleased with the services rendered and the database has added value to us. Great customer service, prompt response and follow up from your team has been exceeding our expectation.

    • Caroline Stewart
      Caroline Stewart
      Marketing Manager
      Having trialed several organizations I settled on the Lake Group because I was able to be more specific with the ideal buyer that I wanted to target with my campaigns. To get specific EMEA contacts can be sometimes challenging if you want to get targeted data for multiple countries across the EMEA region, but with the Lake Group I didn’t need to worry about this. I would recommend the Lake Group to anyone who wants to target a specific prospect profile for their top of funnel direct marketing activities.

    • Steve Peterson
      Steve Peterson
      VP of Marketing & Channel
      We enjoyed working with the Lake Group on a list that identified the skills of the recipient versus just what company or market they represented. Regular feedback ensured we were getting the desired impact and they replaced the leads that did not meet that goal. To borrow a saying “Success is how well you do what you do when nobody else is looking. – @johnpauldejoria” Lake Group remained engaged and vested in our success.

    • Katharine
      Katharine B. Tucker
      Executive Director of Audience Development
      I have been happy with the list and we are definitely using you guys for more.

    • William Bryant
      William Bryant
      We have been quite happy by far regarding your ability to produce some strong leads for us. Our financing product is ideal for just those companies who are currently looking at raising funds, so even if we close 4 or 5 deals with every campaign, it is well worth it.

    • Eric Judd
      Eric Judd
      Market Analyst
      Yes I received the data and am impressed with it. I recently purchased from other vendor and the response rate I’m getting from a launch this morning with Lake B2B is far better than that of the other provider. Thanks for the high quality list.

    • Michael McMahon
      Michael McMahon
      Director, Custom Media
      It was great working with Lake B2B and we are pleased with the results. The information gathered by them was commendable. We highly recommend their services.

    • Cristina
      Direct Marketing Manager

      Lake B2B, among all the list vendors I have collaborated with so far, has proven to be the most professional company of this kind. Just to share a bit about our collaboration – from the first contact I have sent a lot of list filters to be applied – all the list requirements I have asked for, which have been quite detailed and with a lot of exceptions – have been respected.

      I did except this list to be prone to error and bounce rate to be of a certain level. Well, they have been – but the good turn of events have been the follow-up collaboration and the customer service.
      I have sent the bounced leads as well as the non-relevant leads (selected by mistake or not available anymore) and I have been properly reimbursed and have been updated with all the details.

      I must say that this experience has given me courage into trusting the list acquisitions process again and if we need further lists, Lake B2B will be first on my list. Good job!”

      Best of luck and a lot of new customers,

    • Stuart
      Lake B2B not only delivered the right data for our project, but was quite flexible and thorough in the several “refinements” we were compelled to make. As a result, our targeting was right on and very cost-efficient for our client.

    • Lisa A
      Lisa A
      Director, Marketing and Demand Generation
      Lake B2B was wonderful to work with. Very responsive and willing to work with me to be sure my list selects were in line with my campaign objectives. The list was delivered on time and so far, we are satisfied with the quality of the contact data.

    • John D. Menke
      John D. Menke
      We have been using Lake B2B as our source for email mailing lists since 2009. As you know we email to about  250,000 prospects twice a year. These mailings are the primary source of leads for our business.
      Prior to that we had been mailing hard copy solicitations to about 200,000 prospect twice a year for about 25 years. We are pleased to report that we have found email prospecting to be just as effective as hard mail prospecting and a whole lot cheaper. Your email lists are up to date and do cost a lot less than the direct mail lists that we used to purchase every year from Dunn & Bradstreet. And, of course, emailing saves the cost of purchasing letterhead and envelopes, as well as the printing and postage costs associated with hard copy mailing. We would be pleased to recommend your firm to anyone who might be considering using your lists for email prospecting.

    • Steve E. Williams
      Steve E. Williams
      Inside Sales Manager
      I have enjoyed my experience with LakeB2B. I look forward to a long relationship.

    • Internet Marketing Analyst

      Internet Marketing Analyst

      The best thing you guys did was in sending me the new data. Many other companies may not have done this and would have dropped off the line and not gotten back to us, so I’m very happy you stayed and worked with me to provide what I was looking for. This is only the 2nd time any vendor I’ve worked with has done this in the last 5 years. So, I would definitely give you kudos to people in my organization and partners who ask me. Thank you!

    • President, Managing Director

      President, Managing Director

      We’ve done several direct marketing projects for our medical device clients and one of the key issues is making sure that we’re hitting the right target audience. Finding qualified lists of specialists like dermatologic surgeons and electrophysiologists can be somewhat daunting. We, however have had great success in working with Lake B2B. They have been able to meet our clients needs delivering quality leads on time and within budget. I appreciate the fact that they really go above and beyond to ensure their clients satisfaction. When our email bounce rate came in a little higher than projected, they immediately rectified the situation and then some. No questions asked. I look forward to continuing to do business with the LGM team.

    • Director of Marketing

      Director of Marketing

      The lists from Lake B2B has performed better than expected, with a bounce rate well within the SLA, and very well populated data for each lead. I am very critical of emails lists in general, but have no complaints about this list. I expect it to have a positive ROI.

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