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At LakeB2B, we are proud to be the go-to choice for over 7000 top-ranking companies worldwide

Our recent acquisitions have expand our capabilities across Marketing, Healthcare Database, Salesforce Integration, Contextual Intelligence, Recruitment SaaS, and more.

We offer 28 empowering solutions across SalesTech, MarTech, RecruitTech, and GrowthTech aimed to help you succeed and maximize your RoI

LakeB2B's global presence spans the U.S., India, Singapore, Japan, and the UAE, with remarkable annual growth welcoming 1,800 new customers


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Making Data Work for You

Find, Connect, and Engage with the Right Prospects at the Right Time, Anywhere Around the Globe

Elevate Your Sales, Exceed Your Goals with SalesTech

The SalesTech Platform is designed to supercharge your sales teams with cutting-edge tools and services, making sure you not only reach your targets but exceed them.

Convert Data to Dollars & Prospects to Profits with MarTech

The MarTech Platform enables you to magnify your marketing efforts and fine-tune your marketing strategies to achieve outstanding results.

Minimize Time-to-Fill & Optimize Your Onboarding with RecruitTech

RecruitTech provides you with the tools and techniques to streamline your recruitment processes and uncover top talent.

Turn Actionable Insights into Exponential Growth with GrowthTech

Designed for Growth Champions, our GrowthTech solutions provide the insights and resources needed to drive growth and make strategic decisions confidently.

Leverage Our Data Expertise for Endless Possibilities!

At Lake B2B, we don't just offer solutions, we offer partnerships. Check out how we can unlock new horizons of success together.

Slice Through the Marketing Maze with Our Industry-Specific Database!

The good, the bad, and the ugly – That is exactly how B2B sales and marketing campaigns may end when not accompanied by result-oriented, robust data. So, stop shooting in the dark and aim at the bull’s eye with Lake B2B’s premium industry database! Available in both pre-packaged and custom-made variants, our specialty databases enable you to target the key decision-makers and authority figures operating within the industry of your choice.

Trusted by over 7,000+ clients worldwide

"We've managed to fly at a greater altitude with Lake B2B as our data partner. They provided us with highly classified information that none of the top vendors could provide. We've seen a whopping 7X increase in our ROI this quarter. Their custom-built contact database offerings are a must try for all premium enterprises."

Industry: Aviation manufacturing
Location: Kansas, USA

Aviation Manufacturer Bags $550K with Custom-Built Targeted Dataset

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