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Lake B2B offers businesses targeted email lists that are tailored to the needs of the business, and targets the list recipients based on the business information, allowing the business to improve sales and profits.

Total Counts 450+ Million Data
*last updated : April 23, 2024
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Countries Covered
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Buy a Targeted Email List to Connect with Potential Customers    

At LakeB2B, we’re all about providing marketers with the tools they need for successful campaigns. If business expansion is the main goal for your next targeted email marketing campaign, it’s vital to reach the key decision-makers. Buy targeted marketing lists and contacts that are CRM-ready, legitimate, and tailored for your industry.                                          

Extensive Data Capture

With LakeB2B’s targeted consumer’s Email List, you can widen the scope of your business. We provide clients with top C-suite level data including names, emails, phone numbers, zip codes, and more. Choose from a range of targeted demographic information to make your lead lists more precise and profitable. We have you covered from end to end.           

Some of our form capture fields include:

  • First Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • SIC Code
  • Employee Size
  • Direct Dial
  • Middle Name
  • Phone Number
  • State/Province
  • NAICS Code
  • Sales/Revenue
  • Contact Social Media URL
  • Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Primary Industry
  • Company Website
  • And More

Get Access to 30 million+ Company targeted Email Addresses Database

Our targeted consumer mailing lists cover 82 different industry-specific segments. We can also provide a sample along with existing counts.    

Health Services: 1.6 million emails

Educational Services: 4.4 million emails

Legal Services: 574,754 emails

Business Services: 2.8 million emails

Engineering and Accounting Services: 2.6 million emails

Automotive Dealers & Gasoline Stations: 340,354 emails

Real Estate: 654,832 emails

Social Services: 574,137 emails

Construction-Special Trade Contractors: 287,849 emails

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Rent an Email List

We guarantee accurate and regularly updated data in our targeted Email Database List. While we generate targeted lead lists, our data undergoes regular human-verified checks every 90 days reducing spam and bounce rates while ensuring successful delivery to who matters most – top industry leads. Additionally, we will append, verify, and validate your existing data sets to maintain clean and accurate targeted contacts for your CRM.      

Our Contact Lists for Sale can serve as a comprehensive directory tool for all of your marketing needs from direct mailing to targeted email campaigns. Whether you are looking to expand your existing customer base or target a new demographic, we are here every step of the way. Take the headache out of data compilation and connect with us today to drive targeted email marketing campaigns! 

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors Using Our Targeted Email Leads List  

We have been in the global market long enough to establish a strong network with email list providers. We procure business email lists targeted to various businesses. Most importantly, our teams will guide you to identify and Buy Email Lists by Zip Code to suit your marketing campaign and requirements.

With the right kind of targeted consumers’ email list, you will see a marked difference in email campaign response. We will, therefore, make sure to give the best quality data to help enhance your email marketing campaigns.

Finally, using the data effectively is sure to bring good results. 

How can I effectively use a targeted email list to reach my target audience?  

A targeted email list can be leveraged in many ways to implement multiple sales outreach strategies and marketing campaigns to effectively reach out to the potential target audience. Businesses can leverage the targeted email list to implement various campaigns like: 

  • Businesses can leverage customized and segmented targeted email lists to implement personalized marketing campaigns. The email list enables businesses to effectively target potential audiences and increase engagement levels. 
  • Leverage targeted customers’ email lists to implement multichannel marketing campaigns like account-based marketing, geo-targeted marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and others.
  •  Businesses can use the targeted sales leads list to implement re-engagement campaigns and customer retention campaigns.     
  • Targeted email lists can be leveraged to collect insights from the audience through customer surveys and feedback requests. This helps businesses to analyze the challenges, expectations of the target audience, and areas of improvement.
  •  Targeted promotions and offers are an effective strategy to maintain customer engagement and loyalty over time. Generate targeted lead lists using the comprehensive email list and send customized promotions to each of the audience segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it is not easy for marketers to gather lead data in the USA. If you buy email addresses for marketing from us, we can guarantee a high deliverability rate.

With our targeted email list, businesses can deliver personalized content, promotions, and offers tailored to the interests and preferences of each recipient, leading to more effective marketing campaigns.

While purchasing a targeted email list, opt for a compliance-safe, updated, verified, and comprehensive email list.

You can ensure the quality and accuracy of a targeted email list by requesting a free sample/demo email list.

No. The targeted email list from Lake B2B is safe, compliant, and adheres to all the applicable privacy standards. The email list is also protected from encryption protocols that keep your marketing and outreach campaigns safe from potential risks.

You can get an affordable, segmented, and customized targeted email list from LakeB2B.

The targeted email lists are built by leveraging trusted resources like feedback forms, surveys, landing pages, offline networking events, publicly available data, and more. The list is regularly verified and updated using AI and human verification processes to maintain its quality.

The targeted email list from LakeB2B covers various fields like:

  •      First Name
  •      Email address
  •      Country
  •      SIC Code
  •      Employee Size
  •      Sales/Revenue
  •      Contact Social Media URL
  •      Primary Industry
  •      Company Website, and more.

Yes. You can get access to segmented and customized email lists as per the unique business requirements. You can segment your email list using various data fields like Name, Age, Gender, Location, Profession, and more.