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Buy Targeted Email List from Lake B2B is the most sought after email lists by both individuals and businesses. It is the most powerful marketing tool with verified contact information of your target audience. We ensure our clients are able to make more deals and increase sales by effectively using our USA Targeted Email Lists.

As a leading provider of B2B email lists, we will help marketers to connect with their targeted audience easily. The data we offer is permission passed, therefore we guarantee your messages will reach the inboxes of your audience. We suggest marketers send personalized messages with an impressive subject line. Following this will make your audience open their emails and respond faster.  So, Buy a List of Business Emails to reach out to your global customers without wasting time.

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  • Connect with over 200 million customers by email
  • Use B2B email list for marketing campaigns
  • Accuracy is everything
  • Access to a 30 million+ business email database
  • Stay ahead of your competitors using targeted email lists accordingly

Connect with over 200 million decision-makers through email

Lake B2B is a leading provider of Targeted Email List. We have access to over 200 million email addresses of customers and hence, you can effortlessly connect with them. Our data analyst teams are skilled at their tasks and they verify and regularly update the data to keep it highly deliverable and targeted. We offer over 250 different occupations and 150 million + social handles. This eventually helps you to reach out to customers with precision.

With the Email Address List for Marketing, we also help marketers to facilitate and enhance their email marketing, telemarketing, and direct marketing campaigns. This will keep customers engaged with your B2B promotions and can certainly convert them into future customers. Furthermore, we provide verified contact information of clients from your targeted industry. As a result, with our targeted lists, you can narrow down on leads to seal deals and improve sales. Purchase email lists from us as it is the perfect tool for all your marketing initiatives.

Buy Email Lists for successful B2B marketing campaigns

Explore our targeted email lists to reach your audience across the globe

We have segmented our clients’ occupation into various categories for selecting targets without any hassle. Hence, you can choose from different occupations along with the counts available.

Student: 487,512 emailsFinancial Professional: 699,914 emails
Administration / Managerial: 4,328,767 emailsSelf Employed: 485,474 emails
Sales / Service: 1,007,045 emailsMedical Professional: 3,750,814 emails
Retired: 3,754,876 emailsCraftsman / Blue Collar: 8,272,743 emails
Clerical / White Collar: 9,484,756 emailsHomemaker: 5,254,874 emails

Managerial segments could be narrowed down to District Manager, Regional Manager, General Manager, Property Manager, Branch Manager, Marketing Manager, and others.

With such accurate data, we help you to connect with the right people at the right time and plan marketing strategies for your next marketing campaign. You can also take your services to decision-makers of top companies who have the authority to buy your products.

Use B2B email list for marketing campaigns

We customize the email lists based on your campaign requirements. We also have prepackaged and Targeted Email Lists for Sale.

Connect with decision-makers by rolling out email campaigns. Furthermore, we ensure your marketing messages will reach the right audience inboxes at the right time.

We can certainly append or add updated missing email addresses to your existing customers’ database.

Purchase email lists for marketing to roll out campaigns through your preferred channel of marketing, be it online and offline.

Finally, Buy database for marketing to generate quality leads that convert and increase ROI.

Get precise and meticulously developed targeted email lists

Most noteworthy, Lake B2B is known for its reliability and authenticity.  Therefore, it is not easy for marketers to reach out to their customers and grab their attention. We have an expert team who will select the best prospects who are interested in your services. As a result, you can send personalized messages to them and convert them to future clients.

We can also help marketers find the perfect target audience, hence, with accurate data, you can reach a targeted audience faster without wasting valuable time and resources.

While it is a proven fact that email marketing will improve your ROI,  it certainly has the highest conversion rate and is considered as the most profitable marketing channel.

Get access to 30 million+ business email database

Our B2B email lists cover 82 different industry-specific segments. We can also provide a sample along with existing counts:

  • Health Services: 1.6 million emails
  • Educational Services: 4.4 million emails
  • Legal Services: 574,754 emails
  • Business Services: 2.8 million emails
  • Engineering, Accounting and Management Services: 2.6 million emails
  • Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations: 340,354 emails
  • Retail: 534,524 emails
  • Real Estate: 654,832 emails
  • Social Services: 574,137 emails
  • Construction-Special Trade Contractors: 287,849 emails
  • And 79 more industry segments!

Buy Targeted Email List

1. Email Data List.

While the data we provide in our targeted email lists can be used for acquiring and retaining customers, it can also be used to launch email marketing campaigns, have direct business communication with your customers and much more.

2. Own permission-based email lists.

Above all, permission passed email addresses are the result of gaining the trust of your contacts as they think you have something important to convey. Moreover, you will get to use an unlimited amount of email database plus continual ongoing verification and updates as well.

3. Rent an email list.

Specifically renting an email list is a great option if you are not willing to maintain your own database.

Stay ahead of your competitors using our targeted email lists

We have been in the global market long enough to establish a strong network with email list providers. We procure business email lists targeted to various businesses. Most importantly, our teams will guide you to identify and Buy email list by zip code to suit your marketing campaign and requirements.

With the right kind of Email Contacts List, you will see a marked difference in email campaign response. We will, therefore, make sure to give the best quality data to help enhance your email marketing campaigns.

Finally, using the data effectively is sure to bring good results.


Lake B2B provides information that subscribers have willingly given to us. Our entire range of healthcare email lists and technology lists are permission passed. You can get opt-in email lists from us at affordable price.

We know it is not easy for marketers to get the required contact information of their audience in USA. Nevertheless, we have sources in various countries that provide us with authentic data for our email contact lists. You can Buy USA Email List from us as we guarantee high deliverability rate.

You will get it right here at Lake B2B. When you buy targeted email lists from us, we guarantee accurate and verified data that will help you reach the right people at the right time.

We at Lake B2B provide accurate, verified and updated contact information like, name, email address, phone number; SIC code, geographic location, mailing address, and much more.

At Lake B2B we offer Targeted Email Lists at the most economical price. However the cost also depends on the quantity of list and data that is provided.