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“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.”– Ron Dawson
If you think about it, there is enough truth in that statement. In the world of digital communication and dynamic change, organizations are continuously endeavoring to meet new customers through online communication channels including social media and how they project themselves is critical to their ability to attract new interests. And since blogging is undoubtedly gaining grounds as a formidable contestant, organizations today have recognized and exalted the role of the CBO or Chief Blogging Officer in their setup. And that brings us to the question, how exactly is one supposed to make direct communication with global CBOs? Fortunately for you, we at Lake B2B offer the CBO email and mailing database, a fully comprehensive and systematically developed database, that will ensure that as a marketer you face no obstacles while taking your marketing messages to targeted CBO across the US, UK, Canada, APAC or EMEA countries!

As a leading database provider to global clients, Lake B2B has over the years earned the reputation of delivering databases that are foolproof and easy-to-use and priced according to budget and business requirements. The CBO email list as such is segmented systematically into client specific categories such as location, company, industry, SIC code, sales and revenue among others so as to align the database with marketing and b2b campaigning plans. As a relatively new professional title, gathering latest and accurate data on CBOs is not an easy task and most database providers will be unable to provide you with the same. That’s why we take special measures while compiling the CBO Email List so that our clients have in their arsenal, the right weapon to win the battle!

About CBOs

While organizations have always been managed by CEOs, CFO, and COOs, the role of the CBO is a comparatively new development. Though most organizations have included this role as a part of their C-Level decision makers, there is the dearth of their valid and accurate professional details. And that’s exactly why our authentic CBO e-mail address database will prove a beneficial marketing tool for promoting your products and services to a globally targeted audience. But before you start your campaigns why not understand who is a CBO and why his role has emerged in organizations.

A self-explanatory title, the Chief Blogging Officer or CBO is responsible for ensuring that the organization is embracing web logs, blog posts and content syndication methodically. While it is not unusual to find the roles of the CEO and CBO interlinked, the CBO’s role is more streamlined towards his involvement in social media and demonstrating thought leadership, corporate culture, brand image through company blog posts and online presence. Since social media helps in creating brand awareness and trust, the manner in which the CBO presents the company blog posts (from engaging to exciting, dull, liberating or mundane) usually plays a big role in audience perception of the brand. And that’s why we help our clients get details of the leading CBOs to facilitate their business with the CBO Email List.

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