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“Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant- and perhaps even the only- source of competitive advantage.” – Peter Drucker

And competitive advantage is what every business is aiming to achieve in order to stay ahead of their business rivals. And that’s why organizations today choose to invest in knowledge management as their gateway to success. The CKO or Chief Knowledge Officer is therefore no regular position in modern organizations and play a major role in bringing about organizational excellence. So why not take this opportunity to reach out to them effectively with the CKO email and mailing database from Lake B2B?

B2B marketing requires strategic planning and with businesses becoming more ambitious, it is no longer enough for marketers to be content with customers from local regions! Businesses today want to expand, and that’s where our unique CKO email list will be of help! Our databases are extensive and have data collated from across the globe and can take your brand and services international by taking your marketing messages to influential CKOs through multi-channel b2b campaigns.

So make the most of this business opportunity by networking with CKOs from the US, Canada, Australia and other geographically diverse countries with our CKO Email List !

About CKOs

At Lake B2B we encourage our clients to have a clear understanding of their investments in our databases and how data acquired will help their businesses. So when clients invest in the CKO e-mail address databases they do so with an understanding on the power of accurate and authentic databases in b2b marketing, and how organizations can benefit by reaching out to Chief Knowledge Officers!

The CKO is the corporate title given to the organizational leader responsible for knowledge management and overseeing intellectual capital within the company. The importance of this role lies in its multiple responsibilities- from optimizing ROI from knowledge (people and processes), sharing and implementing best practice, cultivate a culture of innovation and research, prevent knowledge loss, managing people and engaging in regular communication and promoting the organizational knowledge agenda! Based on organization structure, the CKO might also have additional responsibilities as a trainer and put together processes in order to cultivate organizational learning.
So why not reach out to CKOs systematically with your products and services? At Lake B2B we are always there to back your b2b campaigns with the CKO masterfile list!

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