Automotive Manufacturing Industry

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LakeB2B is the single Most Important source of Master Database for most top Automotive Manufacturing Organizations

LakeB2B is the leading provider of business and consumer database licensing solutions for the automotive manufacturing sector. By utilizing our data licensing solutions consisting of 241,785 databases, automotive manufacturers can get access to high quality, verified and consistent data. We will help you achieve data management efficiency and thereby achieve effective spare parts management. We create your master data from a database that provides details of each part with a consistent product description.

Why choose LakeB2B as your Data Licensing Partner?

  • Multiple Licensing Options
  • Best End-User Experience
  • High Quality, Responsive Data
  • Dedicated Support Staff Specialized in Managing your End to End Business Marketing Needs
  • Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Great Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Industry Specific Benefits:

Manufacturing companies strive to create additional distribution channels for their products and services. In order to do so, they build consumer portals that use email address as an important account identifier. This email identifier is well maintained, along with the credit card or bank account information used for billing purposes. Consequently, manufacturing companies are lacking complete, accurate, and holistic information about their customers, which impacts the efficiency of marketing, risk management and ultimately the business profitability.

More recently, many automotive manufacturers are selling directly to their customers using the internet portals. Therefore the challenge to maintain a single-customer view, whether the customer purchased from a store or the portal is even more challenging. Continuously growing data stocks are currently atrend in the automotive industry. Whether it is to review or rectify a specific challenge, accurately categorized data is a business requisite. Automotive manufacturing companies need to cope with the challenge of gathering, storing, managing, and simply making sense of the vast amounts of customer or vehicle data collected by sensors and embedded devices. Ensuring the security of this data is and will continue to be of vital importance.

LakeB2B follows a meticulous approach that combines data sourced from traditional and digital platforms that reflects key insights about consumers and their buying behavior. We resolve highly fragmented customer data and enrich it to enable cross-sell and up-sell opportunities during servicing. It thereby improves campaign management processes while maintaining security of customer data in local dealerships system.

  • Ensure transparency throughout the entire product and customer relationship cycle
  • Better management of the vast amounts of customer or vehicle data
  • Improve operational efficiency of the manufacturers in designing, development and servicing vehicles