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“Do you know what’s common between brands like Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, Quantcast, Facebook, Adobe, Rackspace, Spotify and many others? They all are or have at some point been users of Hadoop!

So do you have a marketing strategy that will help you in reaching users and decision makers from this extensive global pool? We are hoping you do. Because at Lake B2B we are offering you the right marketing tool to complement those strategies- our Hadoop users email list!

The need for marketing databases: So let’s start by answering a simple question- “Why do you need a marketing database for reaching users and customers of Hadoop?” The answer is simple – b2b marketing is not a cakewalk and requires a systematic approach. An important part of that approach requires frequent and direct communication with decision makers like C-Level executives, IT Decision Makers, IT Directors, Marketing heads etc. in order to promote your brand and services for consulting, support and upgrade. Since as a marketer you do not possess the skills, tools and resources required to gather relevant data, we at Lake B2B will help you!

Our Hadoop users mailing database is a top-of-the-line database that comes with email and tele-verified data on top decision makers for marketers to connect with through multichannel offline and online channels for the purpose of business sales, growth and expansion. As a premium quality database provider we not only take responsibility of assisting marketers to enhance business performance but also support targeted data-driven b2b campaigns for marketers to derive value from their investments.

So deliberate wisely on how you would like to secure your business’s future. Would you rather rely on traditional methods and obsolete databases for connecting with users of Hadoop, or would you rather be smart and invest in the Hadoop users e-mailing list?

Getting to know Hadoop

It’s not enough for you to simply invest in our Hadoop customers email list for effective b2b communication. The next step involves initiating communications. Now considering that Hadoop consists of multiple products and has users ad customers spread globally, we have ensured that we keep the database segmented, so that marketers can use data that is in accordance with their marketing strategies!

An open source software framework written in Java, Apache Hadoop is a set of algorithms primarily for distributed storage and processing of large chunks of structured and unstructured data. It is also available through vendors for specific enterprise-ready packages. Their library includes products like HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase and other products that collectively offer useful technology for applications in business intelligence, data integration, data warehouse and analytics. In short, Hadoop systematically manages data diversity as well as volume.

So ask yourself if you would like to associate your brand with those of Fortune 500 or not. If yes, then our Hadoop users mailing list is the right platform for you to achieve it!

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