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It’s been 25 years and the IBM AS 400 is still standing strong. Some systems have been able to stand the test of time. IBM AS/400 is definitely one of them. The question is will your business be able to stand the test of time?

And time here also means opportunities for growth and expansion. As a marketer are you doing what is needed to combat market competition and changing trends to stand still through time?

With the IBM AS400/iSeries users database from Lake B2B marketers need not spend relentless hours chasing behind databases. We are here to offer comprehensive, data-rich and functional email and mailing lists of global users and customers of IBM AS/400 or iSeries for all your multi-channel b2b campaigns. In a competitive market, business opportunities are lost when communication fails. With our extensive database marketers can ensure that their business communication will never falter!

It’s not sufficient to say that our IBM AS400/iSeries users mailing database is designed to perfection and detail. As b2b business relations require regular communication, we ensure to keep our database regularly cleansed and updated with data that is recent, targeted and delivery guaranteeing. Having been a major market player for over 25 glorious years, IBM 400 AS has organizations across the world using its systems for their everyday operations. Our database will simply bridge the gap between marketers and their targeted decision makers by providing the relevant data.

So why not leverage from this business opportunity? After all a missed opportunity are losses in sales, revenue and even prospective customers! Give your brand the advantage of the IBM AS400/iSeries users e-mailing list and let it achieve its business objectives in a cost-effective way!/p>

Getting to know IBM AS400/iSeries ERP software

The idea behind investing in IBM AS400/iSeries users email addresses is to connect with top decision makers so as to generate leads, seal business deals and engage with customers with whom marketers can build prolonged business relationship.

Though popularly still known as the IBM AS 400, the IBM eServer iSeries is a mid-sized server designed mainly for small to mid-sized businesses. Its current version can also work in distributed networks. With its personal operating system known as OS/400, IBM AS/400 is IBM’s big success story and has gradually also found a place in individual departments in larger organizations. It even boasts of an uptime of 99.9%! Some of the popular uses of AS 400 are: web and e-commerce serving, data warehousing, java application development and more. It is estimated to have the largest customer base among all IBM servers.

And isn’t that exactly what marketers are looking for? An extensive customer base? The IBM AS400/iSeries users mailing list is the trail that will take you to it!

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IBM AS 400/iSeries Users Email List

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