• Slice and dice target information from a variety of customer intelligence fields
  • Enjoy greater marketing ROI from cost-effective pricing
  • Discover Salesforce and similar technology users from all over the world
  • Save on redundant database maintenance with our regular data updates
  • Maximize campaign success with our tried & tested market parameters

Connect with the right target audience!

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Quality-Driven Differentiation

Lake B2B’s fortified verification funnel is equipped to provide users with relevant intelligence, updated contacts and campaign-tested leads. Our email lists assures maximum deliverability, and consequently, higher reach and more returns on your campaign investments.



Double your Data ROI

Build the ideal market in cloud computing space with our Salesforce Install Users Email List. Achieve better targeting in a) B2B mass mailer campaigns, b) one-to-one sales & email marketing communications, c) personalized updates & notifications, d) networking & nurturing campaigns, e) event Invites, and double your marketing returns. Lead your data strategies through our tested Optimum Usage Funnel.



Request a free sample of your Salesforce Install Users Email List and test your campaigns first-hand! Lake B2B’s cost-efficient pricing packages ensures greater ROI.



Customize your final deliverables based upon your ideal buyer persona. Choose your ideal customer intelligence from our 78 classified fields.



Maximize your target penetration with our 93,942 highly segmented Salesfroce Install users email addresses. Add more contacts to the dedicated list, on requirement.



Generate high revenue deals with our fresh, relevant leads at high conversion ratios.


Rule the Inboxes of Your Salesforce Install Email Marketing List Audiences!

At Lake B2B we ensure our databases to follow established norms and compliances, for our clients earn maximum returns when they choose to invest in our verified and validated email addresses. Our Salesforce Install customer database is the best that marketers can get for engaging with their customers through their preferred channel of communication.

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