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Quality-Driven Differentiation

With rapid advancement in business technologies, there is a continuous shift in technology user segments. Lake B2B’s refreshed and refined lists makes it easy to keep track of the changing buyer behaviors, and reap the highest marketing returns.

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About 20,000 new names are being added to MS SharePoint’s user-base every day. Get the latest updated versions in our MS SharePoint Users Email List. Our lists are optimized multichannel campaigns, including: a) B2B mass mailer campaigns, b) one-to-one sales & email marketing communications, c) personalized updates & notifications, d) networking & nurturing campaigns, e) event Invites and a lot more! Double your campaigns RoI with Lake B2B.


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Customize your final deliverables based upon your ideal buyer persona. Choose your ideal customer intelligence from our 78 classified fields.


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Having MS SharePoint means to have everything in one place, so as to save time and avoid miscommunication. And as marketers offer services to fine-tune the tool’s performance, messages must be aligned to the unique requirements of different users. With the MS SharePoint users email databases from Lake B2B and their high deliverability assurance, now you can spend more time on orchestrating your campaign strategies while our validated contacts help you rule their inboxes.

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