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With 80% of Fortune 500 companies trusting Microsoft SharePoint for daily operations, it’s not surprising that Microsoft claims to be adding an estimated 20,000 new users on a daily basis! So how many new customers have you adding to your list today?

If the number is not satisfactory, it’s not too late to make amends!

With the MS SharePoint users email list from Lake B2B it is now feasible for marketers to make significant improvements to their customer base by taking their services to users and customers of MS SharePoint across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries. With this database as its backbone, it is convenient to make direct and repetitive communication with targeted audiences to remain at the top of their mind for brand and service promotion.

Since technology related b2b deals come with high profits and revenue, it is not surprising that it is a highly competitive market! The secret therefore for thriving and being able to retain a loyal customer base in this market, is to be able to make regular interaction with targeted audiences to remind them of services. Our database offers clients the privilege of using data relevant to their marketing campaigns and keeping audiences engaged through email, direct mail and telemarketing b2b campaigns.

At Lake B2B we have the experience and business understanding to develop the Microsoft SharePoint users mailing database with precision and in adherence to regulations. Available in custom-built and pre-packaged forms, this database assists in giving momentum to targeted b2b campaigns. Targeted campaigning helps in building a niche clientele, selected on the basis of location, industry, revenue, and other business relevant parameters. Additionally targeted campaigning ensures that marketing messages reach the right audiences, and effort is not wasted on those that are disinterested in offered consultancy, upgrade and support services!

So be smart and make the right business decisions for adding new customers to existing client base. Our MS SharePoint users e-mailing list will ensure that marketers reach their targeted numbers effortlessly!

Getting to know MS SharePoint

The whole idea behind using MS SharePoint is to have everything in one place, so as to save time and avoid miscommunication. And that’s why as marketers offering services for it, one cannot send standardized marketing messages, as no two business client is the same. With the MS SharePoint users email addresses fortunately marketers can personalize their messages so as to communicate appropriately!

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used web application framework launched way back in 2001. Over the years it has been innovating itself by adding new features and functionalities, making it the preferred choice for large departments and mid-sized organizations. With its MS Office like interface it is easy-to-use even by amateurs and provides features for content management, document management, social networks, enterprise search, business intelligence, intranet and many more. It is available in different versions- the first offered at no cost, a second edition with added features offered at additional costs and a third cloud service offered as a part of Office 365!

So don’t worry if you have fallen back in this race for market supremacy! With our Microsoft SharePoint users mailing list it won’t take you much time in catching up with the others!

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