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It is estimated that more than 410,131 websites across healthcare, technology, vehicles, shopping, etc. from the US, Germany, Australia, Canada, UK, Italy etc. have used Magento for eCommerce and more!

Yes, businesses across geographies and industries have trusted Magento and partnered with them. But are you sure you have done what it takes for businesses to partner with you?

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Leverage by choosing multichannel campaigning: In a research conducted it was seen that though email marketing has higher ROI, it is a combination of direct mail and email marketing that delivers better campaign response! That’s why we ensure that our Magento users mailing database is compatible for multichannel campaigning. Multichannel campaigns allow marketers the flexibility to campaign through channels that are aligned to their budget, targeted audiences and the nature of marketing message. From campaigns for customer engagement to acquisition, brand promotion to market expansion, our databases as such are designed for fulfilling all your marketing needs!

With over 13 years of experience in collating marketing databases, at Lake B2B we excel at developing databases that will assist marketers in achieving their business goals. With data collated from across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries, we take pride in our ability to perform above client expectations and create a positive client experience through associating with us! So why not give your business associates the same positive experience! Be smart and complement your marketing strategies with the Magento users e-mailing list! Your business has the potential for growth. So make sure that you are able to support it with the right tools!

Getting to know Magento Open Source eCommerce

As a marketer for services for Magento open source eCommerce software/platform, a genuine problem is that of acquiring accurate data on targeted users, customers and decision makers. So why not choose the easy way out and get you’re your campaigns our customized Magento customers email list today!

How businesses benefit with Magento: An open source content management system using PHP and MySQL, Magento is one of the most powerful and fast-growing platforms for eCommerce websites. Through its modular architecture it offers great flexibility and is also scalable. It’s three platforms are- Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Go. It additionally offers high end features for customer service offered in multiple languages and currencies. It can also be integrated with Google Analytics to track and analyze customer behavior with the option of using the SEO option for better search ranking. In addition to that it also has the feature to allow using marketing promo tools!

It’s not surprising therefore that the number of Magento users and customers is constantly on the rise! With our Magento users mailing list marketers can effortlessly reach out to targeted b2b audiences with their consultancy and upgrade services!

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