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Behind every confident remark there is planning and faith. And that’s what made Avaya’s Jean Turgeon to comment that for the next 24 months there will be no one to challenge their market supremacy in the networking space! (February 2015)

That’s the confidence Jean Turgeon (VP & chief technologist, Avaya) has from their products. So how confident are you about yours?

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What makes our database categorically different from the infinite marketing database available in the market is that we place database quality and customer satisfaction at the pinnacle. That is to say, that we believe in understanding client business plans and marketing strategies before coming up with databases developed exclusively for their business purpose. Customized databases for targeted b2b campaigning is not only effective in facilitating communication between marketers and their targeted users and customers of Avaya business communications, but also helps to expand services to new markets, enhance brand visibility and get services noticed across the globe! With the Avaya users mailing database marketers can do all of that and much more!

At Lake B2B we understand that with market competition on the rise it is necessary for marketers to approach their targeted audiences in a systematic manner, in order to be able to remain at the top of their audience’s mind. Our database is developed in such a manner that by investing in a single database marketers will get access to data for multichannel campaigns in order to market their services through channels that are suitable to the purpose and nature of the campaign!

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Getting to know Avaya business communications and collaboration systems

It’s not enough to be able to communicate with targeted audiences before your rivals. The greater challenge lies in keeping audiences engaged and involved in your products and services. With the Avaya users email addresses it is possible to effectively keep your audiences engaged and committed to your products and services.

In the world of business communications and collaboration system, Avaya is ranked among the most promising and established brands. The main products for their business involve platforms for Networking both router and wireless; servers, gateways and desktop devices for Unified Communications; real-time videoconferencing tools, enterprise switch manager, contact center and other related products. Their next-generation communication solutions are offered with the intention of aiding businesses to face critical challenges and improve business performance skillfully. Compatible for customers with multi-vendor environment, Avaya’s solutions help businesses to find IT solutions to be deployed at convenience.

So if you have the right services for users and customers of Avaya, don’t give up on this business opportunity and get the Avaya Users Email List to support your b2b campaigns! Your business rivals are doing all that it takes to secure their future. Make sure that you are not falling short!

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