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Business Objects, SAP’s business intelligence platform aims at aiding organizations to boost collective IQ by offering information to enhance performance. What are you doing to improve your business performance?

Are you designing appropriate marketing campaigns? Have you identified whom to take those campaigns to? Do you know what channels to use for communicating your business messages?

While we at Lake B2B cannot help you with designing your campaigns and identifying your audience, fortunately with our SAP Business Objects users database we can help you with the part of taking your marketing messages to targeted users and customers through the right marketing channel!

At Lake B2B we have always aimed at enhancing client experience by offering them databases and marketing solutions that are aligned to their marketing strategies and ensures positive business performance. Our SAP Business Objects users mailing database as such is developed systematically so that by investing in a single database marketers can enjoy the advantages of multi-channel b2b campaigning. Multi-channel campaigning is beneficial and cost-effective and when used intelligently can reach audiences at the right time through their preferred channel of communication. After all, no two business customers are the same. So why approach them in the same manner?

So bid adieu to traditional single channel marketing campaigns and welcome to the world of enhanced business performance with multi-channel campaigning! With the SAP Business Objects users e-mailing list your business now has new doors opened for it! So leverage from it!

Getting to know SAP Business Objects business intelligence

When investing in a database marketers must consider its benefits and cost-effectiveness. Our SAP Business Objects users email addresses ensures that irrespective of geography, industry or any other parameter marketers are able to make effective business communication with their targeted audiences.

Additionally, since we make our database compatible for multi-channel b2b campaigns, marketers can save on costs as by investing in a single database, marketers gain data appropriate for multi-channel online and offline campaigns!

Popularly known as SAP BO or BOBJ, this business intelligence software comes with certain key applications like Crystal Reports, web intelligence, dashboards and explorer among others. With Business Objects XI as its flagship product, it assists in performance management, reporting, analysis, planning and more. Their data exploration tools as such help businesses to make more informed decisions and improve performance.

So make sure that you too make intelligent business decision and support your business campaigns with the SAP Business Objects users mailing list!

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Salient Features of SAP Business Objects Email Addresses

  • Partnership with B2B Data Partners for powerful tools and innovations in the field of data research and solutions
  • Exhaustive geo SAP Business Objects users list with contact details of decision makers from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, EMEA, Australia, APAC and other countries
  • 1.2 million phone calls per month as a part of data verification
  • 100% telephone and email verified databases
  • Quarterly SMTP and NCOA verified to keep data fresh and active
  • Database regularly updated and cleansed to keep it free of duplicate and inaccurate data
  • Permission based email addresses to ensure that marketing messages reach genuine customers
  • 10 million verification messages sent every month to validate email addresses
  • Promote products and services like business services offers, publications, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking etc.

So make sure that you don’t find excuses for failing at global marketing campaigns and in reaching targeted business decision makers. With our SAP Business Objects mailing database you will seldom have a reason not to succeed! So make haste and take action today!

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Attributes of the SAP Business Objects users email lists: How businesses can leverage with the SAP Business Objects customer lists

As a leading provider of comprehensive marketing solutions and marketing databases, at Lake B2B we have built for ourselves the reputation of being able to deliver databases that are fully verified and validated for b2b multi-channel campaigns. Since technology is dynamic and is subjected to regular upgrades, any service related to support and consulting services is always in demand among business decision makers, users and customers. At Lake B2B therefore we assist our clients to take their services to those who are keen to invest in it.

Since database accuracy is of primary importance for targeted b2b marketing, we ensure that our in-house verification and validation team performs regular checks on collated data, so that when we deliver databases to our clients there are no reported cases of failed campaigns. With data segmented keeping client and business specifications in mind, the SAP Business Objects customer database promotes marketing messages according to location, title, company, industry and other relevant parameters. A powerful marketing tool with a proven record of delivering business excellence, this database is the best marketers can get for saving marketing costs and expanding to new geographies through targeted customer acquisition!

Benefits and Features of Lake B2B’s SAP Business Objects users email list and mailing database

The distinguishing feature of Lake B2B’s email and mailing databases is that we prioritize data quality and customer satisfaction. Since marketers find it challenging to collate data related to business professionals from other regions, often they have to limit the scope of their business to local and regional markets. So don’t put the future of your business at stake! Since data verification and validation is our forte, we have data compiled from global sources! Simply let us know of your specifications and let us provide you with data that is in sync with your marketing strategies and business plans! So concentrate on your communication messages and as for how to reach your targeted audience- you have already reached the right place!

"The Lake B2B team was extremely responsive in addressing our challenges in a satisfactory manner. They quickly came up with good solutions and ensured that it met our needs"

– Simon Palmer

Assistant Product Manager

"The list seems to be of good quality and we have not had a large number of undeliverable emails. We do not have any complaints on the list and we would look at utilizing your company again in the future. Thank you again for all of your help and the wonderful customer service that we have received from your team."

– Dora Lisbon


"We enjoyed working with the Lake B2B on a list that identified the skills of the recipient versus just what company or market they represented. Regular feedback ensured we were getting the desired impact and they replaced the leads that did not meet that goal."

– Steve Peterson

VP, Marketing & Channel