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If you want to connect with reputed Bariatricians for the sales and promotion of your medical equipment and supplies, then you have reached the right place. Lake B2B is an established name providing unrivalled Bariatricians Email Lists and Mailing List to assist marketers in reaching their target audience. We provide an extensive list of over 658 physicians and specialists in bariatric medicine and surgery for you to leverage from and make the most profitable business deals.

About Bariatricians

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that concentrates on obesity- its causes, diagnosis and prevention, cure and treatment. A Bariatrician therefore, is a licensed medical practitioner with special training in bariatric medicine and anti-obesity drugs. Here one should not confuse between a bariatric medicine specialist and a bariatric surgeon. A bariatrician will involve a combination of pharmacotherapy, medicine, prescription drugs, diet and exercise to cure health issues caused by excessive BMI and weight. On rare occasions where medicines and drugs are unable to cure patients, a bariatric surgeon will perform surgery. At Lake B2B our extensive list contains professional contact details of: Bariatricians (medicine), bariatric surgeons, anti-obesity doctors and nurses, bariatric physicians and more.

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