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“Employment of PAs in 2010 was 83,600 and with the BLS projecting a growth of 38-39% it is predicted that physician assistant will be the second fastest growing healthcare specialty, with projected employment of 108,300 in 2020

The figures stated clearly indicate that greater opportunities for business prosperity and expansion are possible in the future. At Lake B2B we are here to build foundations below your ambitions by offering you the physician assistants email database!

Integrating data with business strategies with Lake B2B’s physician assistants e-mail list

If you have the ambition to prosper, then we can form a great team! With over 13 years experience in the field of database marketing services and solutions, we at Lake B2B can help marketers fill in the blanks. Our physician assistants email lists is a modern custom-built marketing database that provides fresh and deliverable marketing data for marketers to use. With the facility to use data for multichannel b2b campaigns, our physician assistant directory is a step away from traditional databases and offers permission based data for solicited communications through systematically designed campaigns. Though marketers often question the need for investing in databases, we at Lake B2B recommend it as a means to optimize time and resources. As medical marketers your expertise lies in designing competent marketing strategies while we excel in compiling databases. So why not do what each is best at? With our physician assistants mailing list we can systematically integrate data with business strategies for effectively generating business leads, converting them to deals, exploring global opportunities for market expansion, up sell and cross sell medical supplies and equipment and do more.

About Physician Assistants and what you get in the Physician Assistants Email List

So let’s simplify b2b marketing. At Lake B2B we specialize in offering databases that are compatible for multichannel campaigns, so that marketers can personalize campaigns based on the channels they are using for promotions and sales. Our physician assistant mailing list as such will help you mitigate campaign risks and connect with targeted PAs for maximizing growth.

Who are Physician Assistants?

Practicing medicine under the direction of a physician, a PA is a national/state certified professional who can assist in surgery, examine and treat patients, prescribe medication, counsel patients, perform minor procedures etc. Depending on state laws, their level of experience and setting of work they also develop treatment plans, make rounds in hospitals etc.

Considering that over 53% marketers are willing to invest more in databases for their campaigns, it’s time that you invest in our physician assistants mailing database!

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