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Did You Know: In the United States there are approximately 150 million people who wear corrective lenses? (American Optometric Association, 2010)

150 million people in the United States only – how many would that be if you consider the global population? Definitely not a figure that you can finish counting using your fingers! So what do you think? Are you ready to connect with optometrists from across the globe? We think you will be…

At Lake B2B we uphold the vision that collaboration with our clients and prospective customers is the best way to achieve business excellence. We therefore offer our clients the optometrists email list with verified and accurate data on over 31,111 optometrists from across the US, UK, Canada, EMAE, APAC and other nations for business sales and promotions.

Using Lake B2B’s optometrist e-mail list for business growth and expansion:

The dynamics of the healthcare sector is too vast for a single marketer to leverage from. Affected by several variables, this sector valued in trillions of dollars, demands a multifaceted marketing approach. At Lake B2B, we try to identify the drivers and offer it to our clients in the form of business insights, marketing solutions and databases for them to leverage from. Our optometrists email addresses therefore, is the tool that will empower marketers, recruiters, pharmaceutical companies and others, to identify optometrists and take their products and services to them directly.

Our optometrist directory is a gateway – the channel that bridges gaps in communication. With over 13 years experience in compiling databases, we have the capabilities and resources needed to develop databases based on client specifications and align them to their marketing strategies. Healthcare is a competitive industry and our verified and up-to-date database will ensure that marketers are able to take their medical offerings to optometrists that would be interested in investing in them. Considering that healthcare is a no-barrier market this database with its functionality for multichannel campaigning will facilitate frequent and regular communication to ensure that in times of sealing business deals, your brand is the first that comes to client’s mind.

The market is dynamic, potential is enormous, opportunities are coming your way… So why not get it with our optometrist mailing list!

The responsive optometrists email database maximizes campaign success and improves ROI

If you are planning to base your campaigns on numbers, then here’s an interesting figure for you – in the United States, optometrists are located in nearly 6,500 communities! So how about getting noticed by them with Lake B2B’s optometrists mailing list?

Who are Optometrists?

An optometrist is a primary healthcare specialist who examines, diagnoses, and offers treatment for diseases and disorders of the eye and associated structures. They are trained to identify defects in vision (such as nearsightedness, binocular vision etc.), eye injury and diseases (such as depth and color perception, retina problems, glaucoma, cataracts etc.). They are trained to correct refractive errors by proper examination and prescribe contact lens and/or eye glasses. They usually attend on patients post eye-surgery by ophthalmologists. In most cases, optometrists are not licensed to perform surgery.

So if you have pharmaceuticals, equipment and supplies that will aid optometrists in treating their patients better then our optometric mailing database will take you to the right people!

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