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“Year 2008 : 12,667,500 new cases of cancer was recorded worldwide with over 7.6 million deaths caused by cancer globally.

This number is cited keeping in mind that cancer treatment has advanced to a great extent over the years with reported improvement in cancer survival rates. Cancer Specialists are as such open to new technology and pharmaceuticals that will aid improved patient care. At Lake B2B we accordingly support the idea of using an email list of Oncologists by marketers to reach out to Cancer Doctors for getting their sophisticated therapies, advanced and extensive screening capabilities, and pharmaceuticals get noticed. Considering that demand for Oncologists is expected to rise 48% between 2005 and 2020 with supply growing by a mere 14%, there’s a market ready to invest in the right products and services! So it all boils down to whether or not you are ready to take action and invest in an Oncologist email list to progress with your campaigns!

About Oncologists and what you get in the Oncologists Contact Database

There are more than 28 million cancer survivors globally – and there were also about 589,430 deaths in the USA in 2015 due to cancer. Lake B2B’s list of Oncologists in USA will as such aid marketers to strategize and reach the right market with their products and services. So whether it is for the sale and promotion of medical devices/equipment for biopsy, CT-scans, MRI scanning, blood tests, endoscopy etc., or for market growth, new customer acquisition or any other, our Oncology mailing lists will aid in making the right communication and campaigns. So why not support your marketing initiatives by purchasing the Oncologist email addresses?

Who are Oncologists?

An Oncologist is a medical practitioner who practices oncology, or the medical domain of tumors. Oncologists usually concern themselves with the pathological diagnosis of cancer, its therapy/treatment and follow-up, screening of patient relatives, palliative care and more.

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