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Between July 2013 to 2014, there were roughly 32.6 million adult Americans who had a massage at least once – AMTA Consumer Survey

It’s not surprising therefore that marketers no longer doubt the need to invest in authentic email lists of massage therapists for their campaigns! Considering that even with the widest network it’s often challenging to allocate time and resources appropriately between developing campaigns and acquiring data, it’s alarming how much marketers miss by not investing in an appropriate massage therapist database. At Lake B2B we can help marketers with our massage therapists email marketing lists as a proven way for reaching out and connecting with over 55,269 massage therapists in a planned manner.

With verified, accurate and up-to-date data, our massage therapists email lists are easy-to-access and affordable and offers data that is aligned to client campaign specifications. Our experience in the business of data compilation gives us the expertise needed to compile and validate data, so that when marketers use our massage therapists email database, they achieve campaign success and improved performance. From improving lead count to driving revenue and ROI from campaigns, our mailing address lists of massage therapists is one list that marketers must invest in immediately! So add the massage therapist mailing lists to your campaign budget now!

About Massage Therapists and What you get in the Massage Therapists Email List

While our massage therapists mailing addresses will help your campaigns with data, there’s still the question on making timely communication through the right channel. At Lake B2B therefore, we collaborate with our clients while developing the massage therapists mailing list, and support their campaigns with data that will help them maximize campaign response and ROI through preferred channels.

Who is a Massage Therapist : A massage therapist is a specialist at using touch to manipulate soft-tissue muscles, so as to relieve pain, improve circulation, increase relaxation, improve blood circulation and improve overall well-being.

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