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According to a report by the AUA (American Urological Association) it is estimated that the number of urologists will decline by 29% in the USA by 2025!

Not only will this deficit make it a more profitable situation for practicing urologists, it will also compel medical marketers to be more aggressive and proactive in their campaigns. At Lake B2B we can help to accelerate the process by supporting b2b campaigns with the urologists email list – a comprehensive marketing list designed with precision and accuracy, so as to aid marketers in achieving their business goals. With verified and accurate data on over 7,221 urology specialists our urologist email database is the most cost-effective and result-oriented solution for driving business excellence from your b2b campaigns.

The advantage of investing in our database is that it is customized and can help marketers in being the first to reach their audience, through timely communication through emails, direct mails and telemarketing campaigns, in order to build a niche client base for guaranteed sales and revenue! We believe that systematic campaigning begins with identifying the right audience and ends with communication – something that is made easier with our urologist email list. So take this opportunity to stand out with your marketing messages. Medical science is upgrading so make sure you are prepared for it! With the urologists email lists by your side, you will be!

About Urologists and How businesses gain with the Urologists Database

At Lake B2B we recommend our clients to discard tried and tested rule and be different in their campaigning approach with the urologist mailing addresses! An urologist as a physician of diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system, is a sought after medical specialist. Our urologist mailing lists is designed so as to offer relevant data on eight sub-specialties as per the AUA – pediatric urology, female urology, male infertility, urologic oncology, urinary tract stones, impotence and renal transplantation!

By offering the urologists mailing database we therefore provide clients with the opportunity to save on time and resources, and reaching their targeted audiences before competition can!

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