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To eliminate the no longer sufficient and inconsistent logic utilized in SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) system settled in the 1930s, the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code was developed and established in 1997 to increase specificity and allow a higher level of comparability in business statistics. SIC was a 4 digit code system and throughout the structure moved to market-oriented logic from production-oriented logic. NAICS system identifies businesses only by their economic activity and creates a six-digit code for classifications. We guarantee our clients in allowing more flexibility in designating subsectors & providing additional detail for all three NAICS countries, i.e. the USA, Canada and Mexico. With us, one can easily locate their target prospects and build a well-segmented NAICS code email list that uses AI tools and will help you in intensifying the marketing goals. This will assure your business growth unparalleled support and goal-oriented codes make you unleash maximum potential.

Why NAICS Code is Important?

Marketing becomes a challenging task when the business or particular industry is segmented into multiple sub-divisions and sub-categories and here codes become vital so that they can classify the industry with similar characteristics into one bracket. Precise identification of prospects and later on targeting them with better efficiency are the reasons why NAICS came into being. These codes become a natural way of categorizing the leads based on industries as they provide detailed data of key decision-makers from various sectors that successfully helps in acquiring more customers. Through the collection of NAICS code, one gets manually verified data that avails AI and is generated using the latest digital tools that let you target a unique and potential audience. These business codes act as a mirror in reflecting your organisation and provide you with intent-based data-driven solutions and guarantee you in imparting soft bounce rates, long-term relationships with the client, all at the same time.

How We Can Help You with NAICS Code Look Up?

For gathering the data, a lot of risk factors are associated with it and profound research is required to use these NAICS codes. With us, industries can easily understand the classification and requirements for generating these codes, as the structure is way too complex containing 99 three-digit subsector codes in 20 sector codes and likewise they are further divided into various subcategories. Businesses can simply target potential customers and can improve their sales by finding the right market at the right time with the perfect opportunity. Also, our lists will narrow down the data based on many factors such as geographical location, revenue, etc. One can reach their target leads quickly and this detailed information of industries will let you execute email marketing with ease and perfection. NAICS Code Look Up makes your interaction with decision-makers seamless who hold high positions, also let clients reach the sub-categories of the industries and thus proves to be a perfect choice for businesses.

Courtesy: U. S. Small Business Administration.

Frequently asked Question

One can easily find out their codes on the official website named and then clicking on the 2017 NAICS Search box one needs to enter a keyword that describes or matches your kind of business activity. A comprehensive list of corresponding NAICS codes and primary business activities containing that keyword will appear, you can choose the one that most closely corresponds to your primary business activity.

NAICS number is a six-digit code that describes your kind of business based on product and service in which the 1st two digits represent the economic sector, the third digit represents the sub-sector, the fourth digit represents the industry group, the fifth digit represents the NAICS industry and the last or sixth digit represents the national industry.

NAICS codes are the standards used by agencies in classifying the business establishments and to search for competitor information, trade statistics, financial details, etc. They are used in gaining a better understanding of the industries and their best customers that might get benefit from their services and products and also allow businesses to focus their marketing efforts on similar industries.

One can find out their NAICS code from and after that enter a keyword that describes your kind of business activity. One can also visit the US Company Lookup Tool to identify the code that best reflects the primary business activity or revenue-producing activity with the help of NAICS Search Tools.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the code setup or standard that is most of the time used by Small Business Administrations or Federal Statistical Agencies to qualify various small business-related programs or business establishments related to the US business economy to collect, analyze and publish the statistical data.

Every business or business establishment generally have one primary NAICS code based on the particular product or service they supply, but one can also have multiple NAICS codes if they sell or provide multiple services and products. To address the changes made in the economy, codes are updated every 5 years by the federal government.

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