Act On High-Converting Leads With Healthcare Data Appending

Turn Healthcare Website Visitors and CRM LeadsInto Top-Selling Conversations.
  • Keep your valuable healthcare lead data refreshed and campaign ready.
  • Reactivate and revive existing healthcare CRM database and records.
  • Go multi-channel with email nurturing, Google PPC and social ads.
Upload a sample of your healthcare lead data and start personalizing ABM campaigns with accurate and refreshed customer intent

Submit your sample and our data experts will connect with you in 24 hours for a demo and discovery call.

We Make It Easy To Deliver Exceptional Experience On Every Channel

Build and deliver personalized healthcare content based on latest insights on your top accounts.

We can show you how to build an effective advertising and retargeting strategy by tracking healthcare campaign engagements of your high value accounts. Find valuable insights about targeted healthcare decision makers and decode your top customers’ buying signals, challenges and needs.

Once you have accurate intent data of your top healthcare leads, we can help you launch highly personalized and targeted campaigns.

How Lake B2B experts will help launch your highly personalized ABM and advertising campaigns:

  • Collect all first part data from your website cookies and CRM.
  • Match it with Lake B2B’s targeted medical marketing database.
  • Track behavioral and subscription data of every healthcare lead.
  • Rely on research backed data to create content more often.
  • Create advertisements that resonate with your audiences.
  • Build lookalike audiences that match your existing targets.

As an advertiser looking to deliver the best Returns On Ad Spends (ROAS), you need accurate targeting that drives higher conversions.

Exceptional Experience

What you get with Lake B2B’s extensive and frequently refreshed medical marketing database of your hottest leads.

Here’s what’s enabling the most efficient medical marketing experts in the USA, APAC and Europe.

Hospital Analytics No. of Records
Diagnosis Outpatient ICD 106,49,851
Diagnosis Inpatient DRG Including Secondary 37,05,366
Procedures Inpatient ICD 28,42,017
Procedures Outpatient HCPCS CPT 53,67,054
Technology 2,49,172
Exceptional Experience


specialties and titles



global contacts



healthcare B2B records



Deliverability Guaranteed

Discover the art of brewing digital conversations with your targeted healthcare organizations and medical practitioners. Enable windfall savings for your organization by insulating your marketing spends from the rising cost of print, and logistics in direct mailer campaigns.

While a direct mailing campaign can cost you upwards of $2.00 per mail piece each time you mail, our experts can device a far less expensive and more efficient plan for your outreach. What more, we will show you how launch a highly responsive multi-channel campaign that leverages LinkedIn and Facebook advertising with your direct mail and email marketing efforts.

Your Own First-Party Healthcare Data

Find Out If You Are Guilty Of Ignoring
Your Own First-Party Healthcare Data

Healthcare leads contact data is not just about email records and postal records.

Get actionable insights from your existing healthcare leads database. Drive high-convertingand personalized healthcare campaigns.

As an advertiser looking to deliver the best Returns On Ad Spends (ROAS), you need accurate targeting that drives higher conversions.

  • What if we told you that there is an accurate mechanism to predict your healthcare customers’ staffing and recruitment needs.
  • What is we told you that there is a way to identify your healthcare organization’s continuous medical education (CME) needs.
  • What if we told you that there is a way to extract valuable insight about your healthcare customers’ hardware and software deployments.
  • What if we told you that there is an accurate way to personalize content knowing your healthcare decision makers researching trends.
  • What if we told you that there is a way to unearth the accreditation status and upgrading needs of your healthcare customers.
  • What if we told you that you can now decipher your healthcare customer’s online buying patterns and purchases made.
  • What if we told you that there is an affordable way of knowing your healthcare buyer’ssocial behavior.

The possibilities are immense and there is a lot more that you can do with your own healthcare first part data. By accurate we don’t just mean your healthcare email lead data that is required for targeting identified healthcare accounts.

By knowing your healthcare customers’ growth trajectory and top healthcare decision maker challenges, you can now suggest them with supplementing and high-interest solutions.

Don't Let Your Hard Earned Healthcare Leads Slip Through The Gaps

You have worked really hard to build a loyal subscriber base and greater customer connects. It is important to keep conversations and engagements with these leads alive and active. These sustained advertising and email nurture campaigns need to reach the right inboxes, mailing addresses and outbound touch points.

Because your health care decision makers are constantly on the move, there is always an underlying need to refresh lead data.

Your target audience of subscribers and past campaign connects are moving job roles and responsibilities, changing professional emails, organizations and phone numbers more frequently than you realize.

It’s time for healthcare demand generation to catch up with their leads with a continuous cycle of lead data appending.

Lead Slip

Match. Verify. Append. Grow.

The basic steps to drive highly personalized conversations by decoding buying signals and purchase insights.

Keeping your own CRM data and website visitor data refreshed is now as simple as 1-2-3-4.

Simply Upload Existing CRM Data to See the Results

Discover the best lead data append plans and customize an insight strategy that’s best suited for your campaign needs.

We bring you the easiest and most affordable way to nurture conversations through effective email nurture or drip campaign.

You can also take the help of our experts to launch targeted ABM campaigns with pre-qualified data about your customer’s biggest challenges.

Behavioral Insights Better Marketing

Made possible by Lake B2B's
data appending and lead enhancing services.

How does it work?

  • By creating a behavioral advertising strategy based on accurate market intelligence gathered by Lake B2B’s appending analysts.
  • We aggregate consumer purchasing behavior by matching your CRM and website visitor data with our larger insights spanning 110+ unique information categories.
  • Our experts begin by first analyzing your first party data to spot the larger trends and patterns in customer behavior.
  • Then, you can compare your findings with our market intelligence findings to create specific respondent categories for your campaigns.

How we launch campaigns specific to your buyer personas

  • Lake B2B data experts use real-time data mining of healthcare prospectsto match with your existing customer data.
  • This helps us brew the precise intelligence required to identify and target potential and top existing leads.
  • Our analytics capabilities help create healthcare customer groups with predictive audience reception.
Unstoppable Lead
Power Of Accurate Contacts

Driven by our actionable insights, medical marketing teams can now send relevant messages to prospects, leading to more engagement and conversions.

Online Behavior

Speak to a Lake B2B growth marketing expert before launching youromnichannel marketing campaigns.

Target Food

Connect with your niche healthcare audience through email, social media, or web across multiple devices.

Launch Your Personalized Omnichannel Healthcare Marketing Session
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