Lead Management

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Lead Management services from LakeB2B help diverse businesses nurture leads and make them sales-ready. Most lead generation programs fail to capture leads which are sales-ready. That calls for Lead Management, which can take in ordinary quality leads and nurture them to become sales-ready.

With lead management services from LakeB2B, you can make smarter decisions and make a higher impact from your marketing activities. The lead management service will minimize your investments and maximize your returns.

How lead management services:

  • Generate: Leads generated through the lead generation process are sent for qualifying
  • Qualify: Based on the credibility of the lead, the lead is qualified
  • Score: Scores are assigned to the leads accordingly
  • Nurture: If a lead is not sales-ready, it is sent through the lead nurturing funnel
  • Lead nurturing: Leads are nurtured through various communication channels
  • Sales-ready: Once a lead is sales-ready, it is sent to the respective teams for telephonic enquiry