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Leave ‘Spray and Pray’ Strategies Behind: Choose Our Account Intelligence Services

Marketing is essential to any business; it does not just get the word out, but also brings in newer leads with each attempt. However, successful marketing is not just about having the maximum leads in hand. Your marketing campaigns must target the right audience, to get the response you want for swift business growth. At Lake B2B, our Account Intelligence Services do just that, giving you deep insights into our massive database to choose the right audience.

Precision Targeting with Account Intelligence

If you want your marketing efforts to convert into higher sales and larger target audiences, you will need proper customer data. Lake B2B’s account intelligence services strive to provide in-depth insights about customers, right from their contact information to their buying habits. These will help you to determine which prospects to target.

The key to effective marketing is determining what customers need, and if your offerings perfectly meet those needs. For this, you will need extensive, accurate, verified in-depth customer data, and our account intelligence solutions are here for that.

  • A total 360° degree landscape about a customer or a company’s profile
  • Complete insight into customer data to help you in targeted campaigning
  • Assessment of all data to determine which prospects to target for positive returns

With such in-depth statistics, you will be able to not only access a niche audience but also grow your target consumer base and establish yourself as a strong, influential entity.

Why You Need Our Account Intelligence Services

At Lake B2B, we strive to be the best-in-class when it comes to providing marketing solutions, to which our customers bear testimony. Our account intelligence solutions will equip you with all the tools you need to execute targeted marketing and connect with the right leads, helping your brand’s image, presence, and engagement.

  •  Lake B2B’s database consists of more than 450 million data records, giving you access to the biggest and most accurate databank for successful marketing.
  • Targeted email campaigns will be a piece of cake with our account intelligence services, as we host 75+ intelligence fields, tailor-made to fit your specific needs. Time to make your multi-channel marketing campaigns a huge success!
  • We strive to provide impeccable data to maximize your customer interactions. It is essential to cover every single industry, and with our 680+ industries, you can target any audience you want, with guaranteed results.
  • Our team of 500+ experts works day in and day out to ensure verified, accurate, relevant data to make your marketing strategies the best they can be.

Lake B2B’s Benefits You Cannot Ignore

Our account intelligence services will assure you with the following benefits for a hassle-free, targeted email campaign: –

  • Access to primary contact information like full name, employment, employment title, phone number, social profile, email address, and more.
  • Access to detailed, business-level information such as decision-making hierarchy, associated executives, job responsibilities, revenue, employee size, total assets, budget, and more.
  • Access to your target audience’s social media profiles, online activities, purchase habits, investments, etc. to understand how well they fit into the services you offer.
  • Access to information about applications and technologies that your target audience uses.
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