What is Technographics or Tech Install Data?

No longer can demographics and firmographics guarantee your competitive advantage. Just as demographics helps you gather more insights about the Age, Gender, Occupation, Annual income etc of a target profile, Technographics in the similar sense is all the essential information about the tools and technologies that a customer actively uses.

If you are a technology marketer in the look-out to impact your target accounts, there’s no way you can get them to consider your offering without a thorough understanding of their technology usage, behaviour patterns, IT budget, purchase decisions and a lot more.

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Get verified information of top tech decision makers, leaders & influencers

Maximise leads and growth strategies

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Why You Need Tech Install Data?

Forecast IT budgets and purchase triggers

Get a clear indication of the technology platforms of your target accounts. It can help you align and enhance your technology prospecting efforts with measurable results. If a company is using a well-built technology, with a multitude of different use cases, they are more likely to have a larger budget for new technologies and you are more likely to be successful with your prospecting. Understand the purchase triggers and what the USP of the target’s competitor is; include these insights and prepare a comparison matrix as part of your sales pitch, show your target profile why the technology you propose can mark-up their business growth remarkably. With all of these inputs as part of your prospecting arsenal, be confident that 80% of your job is done already.


Identify the right product-mix

Technology marketing is a lot of effort yes, but when done right it can create wonders for all parties involved, it’s the best space to enable a win-win. Imagine this, you identify a prospect company with a large IT budget, with your in-depth analysis of their business and the technologies they are currently using you identify a gap and bridge this with an incredible opportunity as to why your technology is a perfect fit. You elevate your value and brand this way, you are not just a marketer anymore; you are collaborating with your target account as a thought leader and a growth partner and the deal is most likely to come through.


Forecast measurable growth

You already have a good amount of research in place. Take it one notch up, project the expected ROI growth in numbers. Tangible always sells more in comparison to an intangible. While you give them inputs on why your proposed technology is worth a try, also give them a revenue forecast of how they can amplify returns with your offering. This is a must have as part of your sales repository.


Personalize with relevant messaging

Nothing works with the customers today like personalization does. There’s no way you can get a 360-degree perspective of your technology prospects without technographic data. Personalize your message centred to their pain points. Talk the language they understand and ace your tech marketing endeavours like a pro.

Technology Database Scope - What To Expect







Programming Language






Other Technology




Server Software






Operating System




Server Hardware


How We Process Our Tech Install Data

We Monitor, Validate and Process Highly Relevant & Qualified Tech information for you

Social Media profiles

Social Media profiles and online profiles sources are checked by our data research team.


Individuals that are working at a specific firm are mapped with specific technology via profiles and Technology Association Memberships.


Telemarketing teams call on these individuals working at CST, PST, and EST to verify if they are using that technology and its current version, number of users etc.


Reference from these candidates are Contacted to verify the technology being used and its License date.

Top level IT executives

Top level IT executives / CIO / CTO in that firm are called with a script determine whether they are planning to upgrade that technology version. Those interested will be passed as hot leads.


The lead is confirmed in the Database as Triple Verified or Double verified based on the number of completed verifications.


Verification takes place once per quarter to check whether the candidates are still using the technology and also check its updated version.

Verification process

Verification process repeated once a year to check whether the company is still using the technology and also check whether they want to upgrade or not.

Email Verification

Email Verification is done every month to ensure the candidate is still active and working at the firm.

Why Lake B2B?

  • We provide the most comprehensive view of the global technology market place
  • Get insights on IT decision makers for Technology, Technology Integration and IT spending
  • e optimize the impact of your sales and marketing efforts & a lot more

Our Technology List Services

User List

Tigger base list

Skills base list

Technology Append List

Integrators ISV’s

Contact base list

MSP’s, VAR’s

Partners Resellers

IT Certification

IT Providers

Industry base list

Technographic-Powered Targeting Funnel

Technographic Targeting Funnel


78 intelligence Fields


Company Name
Primary, Secondary Industry
Employee Size
Revenue Size
C/VD/M Executives
Events Exhibited


Techonology Categories
Techonology Sub-Categories
IT Budget
Company Infrastructure


First, Last Name
Job Title
Business Email
Office/Personal Phone
Social Media URL
Job Function

Scale with data, make smart tech decisions

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