Harness Enhanced Value Creation to Influence a Larger Marketing Audience

Find business-ready marketing contacts and encourage new referrals at speed.

Supercharge your lead pipeline using a targeted contact list of marketing solution seekers.

Crack Deals 9% Bigger in Average Size for Deeper Industry Penetration

When it comes to doing business to business conventions, you have to break through many tough barriers. You’re trying to convince other marketers, after all.

This is exactly where a data-enabled, targeted lead generation program will come to your rescue. So start by understanding the pain points of today’s marketing solution seekers.

Take the first step by asking the following questions :

  • How do I figure out the complete scope for my marketing solutions?
  • Which market segments provide the maximum value potential for my offerings?
  • How can I glean insights about my competitors and customers using social media?
  • Are there any specific microsegments I can reach cost-effectively?
  • Can I access technographic information aligned to my product-based offerings?
  • What tools should I use to best capture my customers’ experience?
  • How can I compete effectively across fast-moving market spaces?

With these questions, define your funnel goals, and we’ll help you get there. Getting your foot in the door of the c-suite isn’t tricky. Learn how you can do it using our expert guidance.

Some of the Prominent Challenges We Can Help Marketers Overcome

Looking for optimal solutions to these challenges? Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

Managing marketing-sales funnel without losing precious data

Deploying actionable intelligence to boost campaign efficiency

Collecting and interpreting valuable insights from customer data

Creating ideal buyer personas using a specific set of criteria

Precise targeting using exclusive, geo-specific TAM intelligence

Optimizing audience reach across multiple channels of communication

Running inbound campaigns to successfully engage business-ready buyers

Ensuring timely, better-crafted responses to leads at every touchpoint

Today’s marketplace is a changed world; there are no two ways about it. It’s a data-oriented world, even data-obsessed. Customer interfaces have evolved, and decision rights are no longer with a single person. This is why harnessing intent targeting is the ideal foot forward.

We can serve you demographic-specific, intent insights across a range of marketing contacts, such as:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • First Name
  • State
  • Country
  • NAICS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • ZIP Code
  • Employee Size
  • Geographical Location
  • LinkedIn Addresses

So give your marketing and sales team the intel they need and watch your pipeline numbers go up every month.

With a repository of 8,00,000+ data counts of c-suite professionals and high-value marketing accounts, we can fuel your pipeline strategy like no other.

Now find growth sources for products, services & brands twice as fast.

Become a Vital Part of Your Core Audience’s Marketing Mix

  • Marketing managers
  • Chief Brand Officer
  • Marketing & Promotion Mangers
  • Ad Creatives
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)
  • SEO Specialists
  • Brand Managers

Command a higher degree of engagement and target a larger audience across old and new segments. Our dedicated lead management team can offer real-time assistance to ensure a hassle-free, enriching funnel experience, so that there is a reduced number of churns.

The result? Multi-segment outreach, enhanced engagement metrics, better-quality MQLs, and better conversions rates.

With Actionable TAM Intelligence, It’s Time to Influence Marketing Champions & Skeptics Alike

Deliver Greater Value on the Four Points of the Marketing Mix

  • Glean crucial, segment-specific insights for defining the ideal buyer
  • Design targeted programs to understand the shift in leads’ interest levels
  • Deploy inbound tactics to successfully nurture leads deeper into the funnel
  • Hyper-personalized brand communication for double the ROIs
  • Credible, real-time CRM cleansing for maintaining 100% data accuracy
  • Comprehensive list of targeted marketing contacts for boosting email campaigning

When There’s Intent-Rich Insights & Credible Data, Why Shoot in the Dark?

Gain a 360-degree, comprehensive TAM overview to identify the marketing industry’s growth channels 2x faster.

Launch persona-focused, targeted campaigns using online behavior metrics and intent data.

Deploy a dedicated lead management team to successfully nurture marketing chiefs and brand managers to conversion.

Only pursue value chain opportunities that are guaranteed to yield excellent results.

Manual Automotive Processes Are a Big Time-Suck. Instead, Use Our Well-Designed Funnel Strategies to Book Better Profits.

Leverage our proven research competencies to glean exclusive insights into changing automotive trends.

Filter down key insights to conceptualize a failproof, overall strategy for optimizing the automotive value chain.

Accelerate revenue generation by delivering on your customer’s value perception and exclusive demands.

Harness data-enabled services and platforms to position your brand at the center of automotive activities.

Aviation Manufacturer Bags $550K with Custom-Built Targeted Dataset

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