SIC Code Append Services

Enrich your SIC codes to connect with your clients and generate new leads that you specifically need for your business.

Target Your Desired Industry Prospects with Our SIC Code Appending Services

Wondering why your marketing efforts aren’t attracting your ideal industry professionals? Chances are, your database lacks SIC codes, which is indeed detrimental. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are data fields that provide the necessary insights to classify and segregate industries. These four or six-digit codes can immensely strengthen your email campaign, which is why SIC code append is vital.

SIC codes are a staple for most marketers to segment insights based on industry type. With LakeB2B’s SIC code lookup, you receive the industry-best solution for 100% accurate precision-targeting. Employing our SIC codes into your database will get the required data to quickly reach your audience. Whether your ideal prospects are in healthcare, technology, marketing, media, or any other industry, our SIC codes will help you target them successfully.

Email marketing, while highly lucrative, can drain your resources faster than you think. The primary reason behind this is irrelevant data that leads you to make the wrong marketing moves. At LakeB2B, our years of data experience have empowered us to help our customers avert this drastic hurdle. Through our verified and appended SIC codes, connecting with top customers becomes relatively simpler. You access the most refined data, and consequently, plan your campaign funds better, spend lesser time on gathering insights, and lesser resources on advertising, content development, etc.

Broaden Your Reach with Our Validated SIC Code Append Services

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Our Credibility Guarantees 10x Marketing ROI

When targeting industry-wise niche audiences, hyper-personalization is paramount. Industry leads, especially the key decision-makers, C-suit executives, and other top professionals, seldom engage with irrelevant outreach attempts. With our SIC code append service, the entire scenario changes. Merging human intelligence and AI technology, we furnish top-grade SIC data to show you which industries have the highest propensity to choose your offerings. Using this, you can craft relevant messages and establish a highly-customized sales funnel to ensure blazing-fast conversions and robust business growth.

However, all these efforts mean nothing if the data is umpteen, stale, outdated, and dotted with errors. To keep your campaigns free from these, we solely gather our SIC codes from: –

  • Whitepapers
  • Government documents
  • Tradeshows
  • Public record information
  • SEC filings
  • B2B directory partnerships
  • Annual reports
  • Yellow pages
  • Over 9,000 online and telephone directories
  • Surveys
  • Business trade magazines
  • Public filings
  • Conferences
  • Tradeshow attendee lists
  • NCOA – postal service information
  • Events
  • And many more.

Hence, if you want to reach the cream-of-the-crop prospects faster than others, reach out to us. Invest in our SIC code append services and experience the true power of results-driven B2B data.