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Electronic Medical Records Software User Email List

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

*last updated : February 25, 2024

If you are looking for one topic that’s keeping Doctors, Physicians and other healthcare practitioners busy, it is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) software and solutions. With the date of its implementation in the United States drawing closer, it is not surprising to find several hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, along with medical companies choosing to incorporate a systematic EMR solution into their systems. At LakeB2B, we recognize the demand the market presents and hence offer the   list of companies using EMR Software in USA as an easy and effective way for reaching out to prospective clients and engaging with them.

The healthcare sector is expanding phenomenally, generating trillions of dollars every year. With life expectancy on the rise, accessibility to medical insurance and care, new healthcare facilities established in rural and semi-urban markets, there has been a steady increase in the number of patients and the additional need for maintaining their medical records. Not surprising, EMR solutions are popular aiding medical practitioners in the creation, storage and organization of data. With the EMR Software users mailing database, we help marketers to leverage from opportunities by simplifying communications globally. With data available on global healthcare practitioners and organizations, when you buy Electronic Medical Record Software customer lists you make a smart choice for your business.

How Businesses Benefit using our EMR Software Customer Contact Database

What is Electronic Medical Records software and solutions?

Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR) helps medical practitioners like Doctors, to keep track of all healthcare-related information of their patients, making it possible for staff members to have access to this data through a centralized electronic system. Some of the most common EMR features requested for includes: Billing System Integration, e-Prescribing, Document Scanning, Medication Tracking, Automatic Reminders etc.

So, as marketers if you need to reach out to EMR software users and customers, then investing in our EMR Solutions end users mailing addresses is a good option. The idea is simple – you focus on your marketing and business plans, while we help with data collation and compilation. Since EMR solutions are being used across global markets, there is little sense in trying to compile data on all relevant decision makers on your own. On the contrary, allow us at LakeB2B to do it for you. Purchase Electronic Medical Records Software vendor email database and gain access to data that’s going to add momentum to your marketing initiatives.

If you have your campaigns in place and want to reach out to users and customers of EMR Software, then don’t let bad data affect campaign results! Our EMR Solutions client marketing lists are unique and will be the right addition to your campaigns!

Data available in the List of EMR Solutions Users

With the complete email contact list of Electronic Medical Records Software users and customers you will get data on:

1st Provider’s Choice EMR user list Medscribbler users list NexTech users list
AdvancedEMR users list NextGen users list Patient Now users list
Advantage EMR users list OfficeEMR users list Sajix users list
Airstrip One EMR users list OpenEMR users list SSIMED users list
AllMeds EMR users list PlatinumEMR users list TherapyNotes users list
Altos OncoEMR users list Practice Perfect users list AdvancedMD users list
American Medical Software users list Practice Velocity users list Amazing Charts users list
Apple MacPractice users list Praxis EMR users list BestNotes users list
Athenahealth users list RX Office users list CYRAMED users list
Benchmark Systems users list SigmaCare users list eMedPractice users list
Cal-Med EMR users list SilkOne EMR users list ENDOSoft software users list
Chartcapture users list SoapWare users list Galenmd Systems users list
ChartCare EMR users list Therabill Software users list gMed users list
Clicktate users list TheraManager users list HealthFusion users list
Clinicient EMR users list TimeAcct users list Medent users list
CodoniX Software users list VaultMR users list Medfusion users list
ElationEMR users list Vitalogics Software users list MyChartsOnline users list
Epic EMR users list WebPT users list PatientClick users list
ExamWRITER users list Agastha users list Quadramed users list
ezEMRx users list ChartLogic users list Sigmund Software users list
GE Centricity users list Clinic Source users list SuiteMed users list
GloStream users list DocuTAP users list ABELMed users list
Healthwyse users list Exscribe users list Accumedic users list
iO Practiceware users list Firstinsight Maximeyes Pm users list FlexMedical users list
Macksoftware users list Intivia users list OmniMD users list
Medical Messenger users list Lytec users list PracticeStudio users list
MedicWare EMR users list MDoffice users list WRS Health users list
Meditab users list MicroMD users list Xcite Health EncounterPRO users list
MedNotes EMR users list

From Hospitals and clinics, to large-medium-small practices to single practitioners, EMR solutions are being used by everyone in the market. While eClinicalWorks, Epic, AllScripts are dominating the market, there are several other prominent players – all of whom are trying relentlessly to make their mark in the global market.

So why compromise when at LakeB2B we are here to help you with suitable answers? With details that have been dually verified through manual and automated channels, our Electronic Medical Record customers mailing database is the answer you have been looking for all your b2b campaigns!.

Segmented and customized into campaign-specific categories, this marketing list is the most effective tool for direct audience engagement through emails, direct mails, telemarketing and social media campaigns.

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