Contact Finder

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

The industry is going through a stiff competition where everyone is racing for the right prospects. In this scenario a powerful marketing mail or a B2B promotional campaign could be the best way to make a mark in the industry. So, why do you need our contact finder services exactly instead of a data list? Lake B2B’s contact finder services could be a resourceful addition to filter out the potential clients who have used or may have subscribed to your services earlier. Without all the exhaustive work and research our Contact Finder solution can help you gather useful contact information.

Our experts can convert your valuable inputs into successive keywords, to scan out industry best contact information that can be helpful in targeted B2B campaigns. We extract relevant customer information which is SMTP verified and goes through a strict verification process. So, the end process of our contact discovery process is a consistent database that has competent mailing addresses that spam and obsolete free. We can help you fix the missing fields replacing that with relevant details that can me again useful for direct mail, tele-marketing, B2B and promotional campaigns.

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How can businesses get benefitted from our Contact Finder solution?
We assure you that the data you have previously accumulated is not lost or wasted. Our contact finder services can restore every data in your inventory. You can leverage industry benefit with quality data. Our service can be definitely termed as contact discovery services that it helps to source quality data from expansively accumulated contacts. You can find the following authentic details for records:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Company Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Parent, Branch or Subsidiary Information
  • Job Titles
  • Job Functions

Salient Features & Attributes of Lake B2B’s Contact Finder Service

Contact discovery services are not just for valid database, we aim forward to you having a profitable experience from your B2B campaigns. Here are the few features of our Contact Finder service that makes it so

  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased deliverability
  • Reduction in Spam
  • Organized records
  • Time efficient

So, make best use of our contact finder solution that can bring you maximum outputs on every B2B or marketing initiatives.