Reimagine Online Publisher Marketing By Targeting The Right Subscriber & Industry Prospects

Subscribers are constantly on the move and wrong information can cost you dear.

Target the right audiences who are searching for your online content.

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Our professional and B2B lists with our 800 strong data experts’ team can clean and update your existing subscriber database with our online publisher CRM cleansing services.

Our database is updated every 45 days against the industry average of 3 months. With our human verified intelligence, we are also helping online publishers identify social handles of existing subscribers as well as of new target audiences.

Kick start your online monetization by asking our experts:

  • Can I get assured increase in my website traffic with audience targeting?
  • Can I grow my subscriber base by reaching specific industry contacts?
  • Can I find audiences who need the content that we publish online?
  • Can we find targeted industry customer data of knowledge seekers?
  • Is there a ready list of online advertisers to whom we can target?
  • Are there customers looking for online publisher affiliate partnerships?

This is what some of our most valued digital publishing customers ask our lead data experts. Join us for a customized lead generation and online publisher focused strategy session to build your ideal customer profiles.

How LakeB2B is Driving Traffic for Some
of The World’s Top Online Publishers

Find dedicated audience development teams and campaign managers with our database services.

Want to convert these challenges into opportunities? Speak to our growth marketing and data experts.

Offsite teams for email marketing and bounce management.

Digital Marketing teams with expertise in social media planning.

Newsletter, email, Google PPC, YouTube and social Advertising.

On-site visitor tracking and nurturing with well-designed funnels.

Content promotion to an accurate database of subscriber leads.

Adding influencer and physician outreach programs to your marketing kitty can drive favorable prospect engagement metrics. After all, Physician Preference Items (PPIs) usually trigger the innovation and adoption of emerging tech. In fact, since the healthcare industry is highly regulated, peer recommendations often become the gospel truth and influence purchase decisions.

So start by prioritizing ideal accounts you’d like to do business with. Then, execute sharp social campaigns using diverse segmentation across data like:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • First Name
  • State
  • Country
  • NAICS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • Geographical Location
  • LinkedIn Address
  • ZIP Code
  • Employee Size

Our highly accurate, intent-heavy customer database will prove resourceful to align the functions of your sales rep and marketing teams, and nurture a warm lead towards closing the deal. Done right, precision targeting using a segmented approach will help you deliver consistent brand experience and maximize favorable ROIs.

Transform Marketing to Healthcare Decision Makers Backed by Disruptive Digital Strategies

Begin successful prospecting by mapping your TAM in-depth and streamlining marketing messages to first woo the healthcare buyers and then sweep the buy-in.

Here’s a peek at your core demographics:

  • Value Analysis Committee (VAC)
  • Procurement officers
  • Hospital administers
  • Independent medical professionals
  • Surgeons
  • Technology Assessment Teams
  • Hospital Equipment Buyers
  • Pain Management Experts
  • Heads of Public Health Departments
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Directors of Diagnostic Centers

With the pandemic curbing the face-to-face connections, relying on virtual media is the way to go. Countless healthcare brands have already tasted explosive success by deploying AR in marketing and sales, augmenting the product experience manifold.

Now, since more and more B2B customers in healthcare are thirsting for B2C experience, leveraging demographic data and combining appropriate digital remedies can help you deliver even better outcomes. So, why take the traditional route? Harness a slew of disruptive solutions from LakeB2B and roll out hyper-personal target programs today.

Understand What It Takes To Nurture Website and Landing Page Visitors & Leads

  • Retaining the trust of the ad readers through tailor-made ads
  • Behavior-based targeting to offer the better experience to subscribers
  • Exposure to connections in the online social media

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