Our Healthcare Growth Formulations act twice as fast.

Relieve extended marketing and sales pipelines with our spectrum of innovative healthcare marketing advisory.

Growth Solutions Lake B2B

LakeB2B’s industry recommended Healthcare marketing and recruitment expertise is steered by its 360-degree ‘Growth’ vision for global Healthcare brands.

We have just the right market proliferation and patient engagement points for each of your unique healthcare business pain points.


Win over Social Intelligence with Cross-Channel Healthcare Audience Targeting.

Create Business value by designing powerful healthcare conversation nuggets across channels and devices.

LakeB2B’s ‘B2B2S’ social media strategy delivers winning takeaways like hyper-personalization of niche healthcare social campaigns - be it on Facebook or Twitter with real-time performance reporting, all at a cost one-fifth of that of LinkedIn!s


Gather your Healthcare Business Momentum, with 50% to 100% growth spikes within a year.

Embrace every healthcare touchpoint with our super-specialized marketing service wards:


Website Audit, Keyword Expertise, Link Building Content, Site Architecture, Boosted Web Search Engine Rankings, Pay per Click, Google Ads

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Billboards, TV Ads, Radio Jingles

Digital Campaigns

Email Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Curated Content, Blog Views & Videos; Facebook Ads

Campaign Metric Tools and exclusive Support Center to measure and sustain business ROIs


Visualize the best of Brand Image that you can ever dawn.

LakeB2B’s advanced ‘White Label Business Intelligence Platform’ is a zero-technology investment, ready-to-use installation that analyses your healthcare brand’s visual data image and matches it to incisive data analytics and machine-learning-led intelligent solutioning.

Streamline your Corporate Logo, Data, Icons, URLs, Emails, and Website as per your Brand’s liking.

Then, just watch those conversions work for you!!


We let sheer compassion set the tone for our every Caregiver-Patient bond.

Your thoughtful Home Care Service needs LakeB2B’s adept digital touch - to serve more hopeful Patients and recruit more humane Caregivers.

LakeB2B’s Home Care Centre digital marketing advisory includes managing your brand image, budding your market reach, providing you best-in-class digital & relationship marketing services including referral marketing, and showcasing high brand recall.

All because we believe in the beauty of ‘Caregiving’!

Schedule a digital growth meeting with our Home Caregivers Team Now!

Good Growth demands Good Recruitment.Caregiver-Patient bond. How long it lasts.

We understand what it means for a Healthcare Recruiter to hire the right, seasoned & skilled healthcare professional for the most crucial job in the world today! Saving lives.

Our 26M+ multi-source verified Healthcare Contact Datasets leave no stone unturned, in painstakingly funneling the perfect candidate that fits the bill!


Assume Leadership by expanding your Practice Locations and Doubling your Patients Served.

LakeB2B’s Growth Center has brought forth an innovative physician-partnered program, wherein doctors setup their own office-based labs and outpatient interventional centers, thus expanding their business outreach.

LakeB2B bolsters the enterprises with added expert consultancy on revenue cycle analysis, pro forma, billing and outpatient center operations.