Stay Unstoppable with our Trusted 2X Growth Marketing Strategies.

Optimize Marketing Budgets, stir-up High-Quality Leads, speed-up lagging Sales Pipeline sand boost Positive ROIs - with our disruptive Business Growth Marketing advisory!

Inject your Healthcare Practice, with 2X the Growth Opportunities

Give your Healthcare Marketing, 2X the Brand Recall and Patient Engagement Outcomes! Our services include:

High Ranking Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Website Audit, Keyword Expertise, Link Building, Content, Site Architecture, Boosted Web Search Engine Rankings.

Direct Marketing Campaigns:

Billboards, TV Ads, Radio Jingles

360 Degree Smart Digital Solutioning:

Email Marketing, Social Media Engagements, Curated Content, Blog Views, Videos, Pay per Click Ads – Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

Also, provided are Insightful Metric Tools and an exclusive ‘Support Centre’ to 24x7x365 measure and optimize your Campaign conversions.

Warm-up your Home Care Services, to Doubled ROIs Results

Your thoughtful Home Care Service needs LakeB2B’s adept digital touch – to serve 3X the hopeful Patients and recruit 3X the humane Caregivers!

LakeB2B’s Home Care Centre digital marketing advisory promises you customized cross-channel digital marketing reach, incredible brand presence, timely competition analysis and effective referral marketing – to help you Double your Home Care Business Revenues, faster!

Want to Up your Medical Device Sales?

Our Hospital Outreach Growth Strategies, are yours!

We believe in building rapport with brass Hospital Value Analysis Teams (VACs), like no other!

Meet your target VACs at contemporary Digital Cross-channel engagements, Virtual Events and Webinars. Impress them with seamless SEO Strategies, Social Media Campaigns and tailored Website experiences.

2X your Medical Device Reach with our Growth possibilities Now.

Build 5X your Cart Orders, Go Cross -channel Digital Campaigning.

Basket our Retail Growth Solutions.

Retail Communicationsare no longer about Isolated Outlets. Influence your Digital buyers across multiple online touchpoints – Email, Social, Search Marketing, Direct Mail, Mobile Marketing, Tele-marketing, Content Marketing and Traditional Media and Press Channels, et al.

Our weave of amazing campaigns experiences, are such, that they effortlessly tie yielding Impressions to Leads and Leads to Sales.

Optimizing CEO Online Presence, to high-impact your Brand’s Ecosystem

Top Leaders of an organization must always hold reins of their digital presence to boost Brand advocacy, Thought Leadership and Impact Sales –but through the right strategic employee, customer and stakeholder interactions.

We help you:

  • Reason out your choice of Digital Platform
  • Blueprint your Digital Goals, Target Audience and Content Strategy – encompassing Social Presence, Topical Updates, LinkedIn Articles, Videos, Blogs and more.

Wow you Audience with our B2B Virtual Event Marketing Growth Platform!

Get brimming Viewership, top-class Brand Building, active Conversions along with brilliant Buyer Engagement, with our Digital Events and Webinars expertise.

  • Create bespoke content assets – Videos, Brochures (PDF – Down loads), Infographics, Webpage and Blogs
  • Build interactive Audience experiences like Video conferencing, custom 3D Environments, Screen sharing, Personal Video Presenters, Polling, Q&As, Chat,Educational voice-over information and more, for Global Audiences
  • Bank on post Event Data for Consumer Research, undertake CRM Integration

Crack 9% higher average deal size, with our No.1 Growth Nurturing Solutions

LakeB2B helps you to seed Sales-ready Leads and nurture them at Every Stage of the Lead Funnel – at numerous touchpoints to keep the conversation flowing to fruition.

Our Strategic Nurturing Program guarantees to level-up your Prospect Interests and nets10X Sales Conversations to success!

Want to develop Bigger Audience on a Global Scale Now?

Spur on Business Growth from 50% to 100% the ascent, within a year

Gain Momentum at every touchpoint with our super-specialized Marketing Services, that soar:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Hacks.

Website Audit, Keyword Expertise, Link Building Content, Site Architecture, Boosted Web Search Engine Rankings, Pay per Click, Google Ads.

Direct Marketing Campaign Smarts.

Billboards, TV Ads, Radio Jingles

Digital Campaign Knacks.

Email Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Curated Content, Blog Views, Videos, Facebook Ads. Sharp Metric Tools and exclusive Support Centre to measure and optimize your Campaign ROIs.

Visualize your Brand, as a sheer Spectacle

LakeB2B’s state-of-the-art ‘White Label Business Intelligence Platform’ is a zero-technology investment, ready-to-use installation that dissects your Brand’s visual data image and sizes it up against profound data analytics and machine learning built intelligent solutioning.

Streamline your Corporate Logo, Data, Icons, URLs, Emails and Website – keeping your Brand Identity into perspective. And, then simply watch those Conversions work for you!