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Traffic, Leads, Conversions

Get website audit, keyword building, appropriate analysis, link building, content, site architecture, or boost the ranking of websites with specific keywords in top search engines.

Brand Recaller

Create a strong brand identity

Our brand services are customized to get you qualified leads and brand recall 2X times than before

Marketing Power Punch

Generate ROI

Connect your target audience with the right message at the right time. We offer extensive and diverse plans to expand your business’ online presence.

Digital Solutions

360 degree platform reach

Improving patient growth, empower healthcare decision makers with actionable insights on digital platforms.

Uninterrupted Support

Assistance from buying to experiencing

Our support center and dedicated team has got you covered wherever we need to fill in.

Keywords Expertise

Flawless search results

Keywords are the key and we use them as wisely as possible for your double growth.

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Take your healthcare marketing to the next level uncovering the best practices to get more business. The role of data in producing 2X business and reach is undeniable. We can help you do that, especially when you are battling the virus on the frontlines. Stay unstoppable while driving your Practice Growth and Patient Engagement with our data expertise services.

Drive Success Superfast by following the roadmap of new patient generation

ROI/New Patients +
Bigger Reach +
Great Reviews +
2X Growth

Brace for Great Results & 2X Growth!

Our Data Expertise gives your business an edge over the competition and targets patient outreach to fit your needs. We cover every possible digital platform with the help of our doctor practice marketing team dedicated to guiding Doctors on the growth marketing front via digital channels, including Facebook, Google Ad. Words, Personalized Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click, etc.

With our services, you always have the bandwidth to grow your visits and build lasting relationships with patients. Our Data Expertise lets a seamless flow of marketing opportunities for your business, and we know how data drives it. We apply this expertise to plan, create, and execute Direct Marketing Campaigns; thereby, increasing customer value and profitability at every touch-point in your healthcare business.

Grow from 50% to 100% within a year

Growth in the healthcare segment is getting more robust in the face of new market dynamics. The pandemic has caused a change in consumer expectations and has resulted in digital disruption. This is the time to expose yourself with rewarding business experiences that can spot opportunities and quickly convert them into profits.

Our guaranteed approach can result in doctors growing 50% to 100% within a year. With our outreach programs, you will dominate your market and consistently bring in new patient leads from new sources that you never reached before

Get on to the top with our highly targeted ranking methods.

Your healthcare business needs to be noticed and taken into serious consideration. We use the perfect combination of Digital, Email, SEO campaigns, and niche- content, including videos and articles, to get your website and videos to be top-ranked in the region.

We map the top 4 to 5 cities surrounding your office and make sure your website ranks in those cities as well, bringing your business from within a 50-mile radius as well.

As your growth partner, we believe in driving data for your business to the best of use.

Our integrated Marketing combines both outbound, traditional marketing with inbound marketing, and other tactics to promote accelerated success in your healthcare business. Our mixed marketing Mix provides life-changing results for your practice. As your growth partner, we offer custom-tailored solutions to your needs.

Today, when progressive healthcare establishments seek to engage patient populations, they generally turn to the marketing communications mix to connect with the right customer even during unprecedented times.

All we need is an hour to map out the best growth practices for your healthcare business. Let’s set a time and get connected over a call.

Trusted by over 4,000 clients worldwide

"We've managed to fly at a greater altitude with LakeB2B as our data partner. They provided us with highly classified information that none of the top vendors could provide. We've seen a whopping 7X increase in our ROI this quarter. Their custom-built contact database offerings are a must try for all premium enterprises."

Location: Kansas, USA

"Hello; my name is Pat Crowley and I am the owner of Educational Concepts in Medicine, a company that develops continuing medical education [CME] programs for physicians and other healthcare providers."

Name: Patrick

"It’s always a pleasure to say nice things about those whom we choose as tactical partners, and LakeB2B is certainly a partner on whom we have come to rely for sound advice and outstanding execution."

Name: Patrick

"ECM has developed an interactive CME program about multiple myeloma. Although we had some limited ability to generate an audience, we needed to reach many more physicians practicing hematology/oncology."

Name: Patrick

"When we discussed our challenges with the team at LakeB2B, they understood our needs and asked the right questions about the goals our educational activity were designed to achieve."

Name: Patrick

"The team set about defining the audience parameters; recommending a contact schedule; suggesting copy improvements and other tips and techniques that maximized ‘click-throughs’; and providing test mailings gratis."

Name: Patrick

"When we discussed our challenges with the team at LakeB2B, they understood our needs and asked the right questions about the goals our educational activity were designed to achieve."

Name: Patrick

"We are glad to have LakeB2B as a tactical partner and recommend their services to other organizations who need to reach these medical professionals."

Name: Patrick

"Hi LakeB2B team,

Happy 2023!!!

All the customer experience was so good. We are reaching the leads and everything seems good.

Thanks for everything

Name: Dhanna

"The list was pretty accurate with a rate of 93.5% I was happy with the size of it 12,500 contacts. And it was put together fairly quickly."

Name: John

"Sure, I'd be happy to. My experience was very positive. I was very impressed with the process and the workflow, and your service would be very valuable as a tool for researchers, contract research organizations."

Name: Thomas

"Hi Stacy,

LakeB2B is a highly reliable data company. Their HCP database if of high quality, meaning that their leads are verified, opted in, and compliant with each market’s regulations. Moreover, our account manager (Victor) is extremely quick, which is fundamental to our business, and he always goes one step further to make sure our needs are fulfilled, and that we are hitting the right audience in a cost-efficient manner. Highly recommended.

Marta D. Demand Generation Director."

Name: Anthony

"Hi Shane,

We continue to have good experiences with your team. I have not received any feedback on the quality of the list, but as they say, no news is good news.


Name: Jorge

"Hi Victor,

It was a pleasure working with you and Janet as well. Your email came at the perfect time, as I have received the latest performance read on the test file your organization provided in January.

At this time, the test file has yet to perform, so we are not able to reorder the data from your organization at this time. However, I will continue to monitor its performance. If the file shows performance at a later date, I will reach out to you at that time.

Thank you for your email and again for the opportunity to test your data.

Best regards,

Name: Gilbert

"Our partnership with LakeB2B has been very valuable. The data has been very clean and we have experienced higher email deliverability rates. We have been able to refine our purchases using specific criteria and geography. Not only is the pricing competitive but we have been able to consolidate our list purchases to fewer vendors, which has given us more buying power. The customer service is excellent."

Name: Jennifer

"Hey Stacy,

Thanks, I’ve been very happy with the list.

Best regards,

Name: Jean

"Thanks Shane.

Overall it was good service. We got the results quickly and communication was timely. I just wish that there was contact info on more of the licensed therapists. But I have no specific complaints or concerns.


Name: Laura

"Hi Sam,

Thank you for your follow-up! Yes, I recall the list you provided for us and it was very helpful. We do not have any needs for a list at this time, since that was for a particular client project. We will reach out again once we do!

Kind regards,

Name: Sarah

"The support team was responsive and updated my list at no cost."

Name: Orrin

"I’d likely recommend using LakeB2B if I were in the market to buy a contact list for a variety of industries, but my personal preference would always be to do different marketing activities that would create organic and up-to-date contacts, like inbound marketing campaigns, re-marketing advertisements, and market-research targeted list augmentation. However, given the constraints I fully believe LakeB2B offered the best product in the market at the most reasonable price for what the company was willing to try doing."

Name: Andrew

"Very satisfied. Michael Murphy was a pleasure to work with when we were in the process of finalizing the list -- super knowledgeable and helpful."

Name: Laura

"Satisfied; need to coordinate efforts so as not to repeatedly contact me over the same question, already answered."

Name: Joe

"I am really satisfied cause you guys delivered what you promised and everything went smooth."

Name: Keith

"the service has been supportive and welcomed"

Name: Mark

"Very satisfied with the list and would purchase another list again. Not interested in having the company send any future mailings."

Name: Eric

"Very satisfied. Thank you!"

Name: Andrea

"You are nice to work with. I face communication barriers with other vendors whereas with your company it is very easy to communicate."

Name: Kristen

"I experienced a few bounces, but I'm okay with it. Overall, it was a positive experience. I did encounter some hiccups with the file delivery due to confusion regarding payment status. In summary, I would rate Sales and Delivery as 8 out of 10, and Customer Service as 9 out of 10."

Name: Keelyn

"I was able to get a comprehensive provider list with a very quick turnaround. This was a quick process with minimal headaches and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Span Global Services again."

Name: Bob

"I am satisfied with the emails and other data fields but the numbers were not correct."

Industry: Span Global Services
Name: Dominic

"I´m satisfied. In the beginning, like 20% of the list was not usable, but my agent sent me more in exchange for those that were not good."

Name: Angel