AdvancedMD EHR User Email List

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

The market for EHR and EMR software and solutions is extensive. Globally hospitals and physicians are looking for ways to reduce costs incurred on maintaining patient medical records and better patient care, and the right software can do that. AdvancedMD is one such healthcare brand that offers solutions for practice management, Electronic Health Records, telemedicine, physician-performance benchmarking and more. And while its customer base is expanding in the US and other countries, there is always the opportunity for you as a medical marketer, to get your brand and solutions for EHR noticed as well. With the list of companies and hospitals using AdvancedMD EHR Solutions in USA we can help you with that by supporting your marketing campaigns with authentic business contact details, tailor-made and aligned to your business needs.

Lake B2B has been pioneers in offering value-added services along with our marketing databases. Our mailing addresses of AdvancedMD EMR/EHR users therefore is not just a mailing database, but an easy-to-use and effective tool for encouraging communication with targeted prospects through cross and multichannel campaigns.

So, if you think your brand and products have the potential of being regarded as the best globally, then don’t hesitate to make your move now. Buy AdvancedMD Electronic Health Records customer lists today and get connected with leading decision makers who have the authority and interest to invest in your brand!

Why businesses need our segmented AdvancedMD Customer Contact Database

The need for a segmented marketing list cannot be overstated. It not only simplifies the process of communication by encouraging correspondence with targeted audiences, but also saves market reputation and brand value by not diluting it. It’s not for nothing that over 32% marketers say that segmenting their email marketing lists is a priority for them. After all, not all buyers are the same, considering that they are at different point in the sales cycle. So, what can be better than someone else slicing and dicing the database for you? That’s what we can help you with when you purchase AdvancedMD EMR/EHR solutions client direct mailing list from Lake B2B!

The benefits of a segmented email database are plenty. Verified business contact details are not easy to come by, so it’s important that your campaigns are supported with correct data to ensure that your messages are making it to the right inboxes. And if you are wondering where to start from, our e-mail address lists of AdvancedMD EHR end users are the right place to go about it.

How to leverage using our AdvancedMD EHR Users Mailing Lists

Nailing down your audience persona is just the beginning of any campaign. You need to reach them and engage with them. While to most others this is challenging, especially considering that data gets obsolete and invalid from time to time, we believe that with our AdvancedMD EMR/EHR Decision Makers marketing list by your side, the task will be easier and better carried out.  

AdvancedMD’s medical billing software is used by over 600 companies, its EMR/HER software makes data transfer seamless and charting simplified, and the HIPAA compliant patient experience software makes appointment reminders and patient consent forms simpler to handle – in short, the software is competent to attract users and customers in the future. So why not make your move now and engage with this crowd today? All you need is our AdvancedMD Electronic Health Record vendor email database!

Data available in the List of AdvancedMD EMR/EHR Customers

With the complete email contact list of AdvancedMD EMR/EHR cloud solutions users and customers you will get data on:

  • Name and Business contact details
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address with city, state and zip code
  • Phone number (with direct dial on request) and Fax number
  • Social Media Profile (including LinkedIn)
  • Job Title (including CVDM titles)
  • Company name, Company website, Employee size, Annual Sales/Revenue
  • Industry, SIC code, NAICS code
  • Geographic location and primary area of operations
  • IT spending and IT purchases
  • And more