No matter how far we go with our technology, and online campaigns, there are certain campaigns which are effective only when it is made the traditional way.

In a business, you might anytime want to launch direct mail marketing campaign. Considering that direct mail campaigns are quite heavy on your budget, running a campaign on your entire database will prove to be costly. This is when having an updated database will come to your rescue.

Lake B2B’s postal address appending adds the missing postal addresses to your existing database. You may share your database with name and email address or any other field and Lake B2B will update the postal addresses to them. Our professional experts from Lake B2B will work on building the database by updating the postal address of your database.

Benefits of Lake B2B’s Postal Appending Service:

  • Merge records and transaction histories of your email and postal files
  • Launch targeted promotional advertising offers to customers and prospects through zip codes
  • Connect with customers and prospects with items they can touch

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Improve your Direct Mailing Campaigns with Postal Address Appending Services from Lake B2B

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