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Master Database Management

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

If you think your database is going to be as clean and crisp as it is today, you are yet to see the worst. Data quality never remains the same. It changes with new entries, duplicate ones, and incomplete ones too. Maintaining master data is no amateur’s task, and organizations usually need outside help. Besides, it takes expertise and adequate experience to make a database error-free.

Lake Media Group has been in the industry for over five decades. It’s collaboration with the one-decade old company, B2Bdatapartners, has proven beneficial for companies that are dependent on data assets.

Companies from different industries like automotive, healthcare, publishing, education, oil & gas, and others trust LakeB2B with data quality upgrades because of the latest technical know-how.

With our Master Data Management (MDM) services:

  • The databases will be free of duplicate records
  • Up-to-date and void of obsolete information
  • That helps in cutting down on the marketing cost, and hence
  • MDM improves returns dramatically

MDM service from LakeB2B increases the lifetime of your database, and also the shelf-life of your data. Data complexities can be erased using data normalization. We ensure up-to-date data by mapping records and populating the missing values. Data audit and analysis is performed once every three months to create a reliable master database for clients.