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Businesses that depend on great data to power their success will be amazed with the quality and ease of access of our data solutions. We are extremely excited with the market response for all our profitable real estate data licensing solutions.

Real Estate Data companies’ biggest challenges are mostly centered on property valuations. The problem is not how they analyze the data; the issue is the quality and the accuracy of data being analyzed. They also face unique challenges when it comes to securing, managing and accessing data. Realtors deal with a wide range of people on a day-to-day basis, handle information from many different sources and regularly have information that is private and sensitive. Hence management of this sheer volume of data becomes extremely challenging for the real estate companies.

Want To Be A Pioneer In Real Estate Database?

Customers can license the entire real estate database or subsets, like property characteristics data, which includes bedrooms, baths, and square-footage, or county recorder data, which includes deeds, mortgages, mortgage releases and assignments data. We also, standardize complex raw data by formatting the data into a clean, standard output that is consistent across all geographies. This data standardization makes it easy for customers to consume and leverage data from across the globe.

We deliver customized, complete and comprehensive data and content using exclusive research and data management best practices. By utilizing our complete set of data licensing solutions consisting of 625,748+ datasets, you can enhance value proposition of your clients while keeping costs under control and sales and marketing support to boost their revenue and profits.

Priorities of data licensing for the Real Estate Sector:

  • Customer acquisition and retention is a top priority for home equity lenders. Hence by accessing data licensing solutions, they can gain key insights into prospects as well as the hidden opportunities in their loan portfolio.
  • To provide real estate forecasts, analytics and models, the real estate analytic providers leverages current and accurate data licensing solutions.
  • Helps marketing and sales firms to identify and offer products and services to the new homeowners with the help of data licensing solutions

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Why choose Lake B2B as your Data Licensing Partner?

  • Multiple Licensing Options
  • Best End-User Experience
  • High Quality, Responsive Data
  • Dedicated Support Staff Specialized in Managing your End to End Business Marketing Needs
  • Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Great Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Industry Specific Benefits:

  • Develop data-driven market strategies that create value
  • Leads to greater savings and increase of business revenue
  • Integrates all the real estate information into one centralized platform
  • Maximizes the real value of data assets

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Client Testimonials

“We see Lake B2B as a one-stop shop for independent, transparent data licensing solutions on the listed real estate market. The depth and breadth of coverage is continuously improving. In addition to a very user-friendly system, the Lake B2B team has been very helpful in tailoring the products and services to meet our specific requirements.”

CIO, Real Estate Unit
“Lake B2B has been the most reliable and abundant source of information for us. The breadth of products and customer service has undeniably saved us from countless hours of manual work. For those in the real estate industry, Lake B2B is not a want but rather a need!”

Senior Operations Manager, A Global Mortgage Firm

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