Custom Wish Lists

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Not everybody has the same wish, then how can we deliver the same list to every customer. This is the reason why Lake B2B Data came up with Custom Wish Lists as part of our lead generation services. This is one of the highlights of our services.

Custom Wish Lists is:

  • The kind of list you have always dreamt of using
  • A list which will certainly bring you more revenues
  • A list which resembles no other list

If you are planning to conduct a marketing campaign for a specific audience, then your list needs to be custom made with considerably high precision. But unfortunately, most list sellers in the industry take no trouble of listening to your specific requirements before delivering the final list.

Using the power of our 800-expert telemarketing and data team, you can start with some basic file information and leverage identification of the records you need. For example, as part of our data management services, we had a customer who wanted a list of the top 10,000 bloggers, and another who wanted to know how many elevators were in each building in New York City. You cannot find that type of information in the open market. Our lists are just as unique as your requirements.

To know more about our Custom Wish Lists, write to us or click here

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