Food and Beverage Industry

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LakeB2B helps Food & Beverage firms to lower costs, reduce risks, and Improve Operational Efficiency through Quality Data Licensing Solutions.

The Food and Beverage industry faces constant churns from today’s consumer demands. It is a testing phase, with changing consumer patterns, economic downturn, and volatile commodity pricing. In order to deliver creative and tastier products in a short space of time, Food and Beverage organizations generate large amounts of structured and unstructured data. To ensure competitiveness and sustain growth aspirations, LakeB2B assists in building data-centric analytic organizations with robust data solutions such as data licensing for the food & beverage industry.

We assist clients with comprehensive solutions that support regulatory changes and compliance requirements with novel data licensing solutions. Most of the food & beverage companies face an increased urgency to harness data insights to grow their top line and improve operational efficiency. LakeB2B’s data licensing solutions enable you efficiently leverage existing and emerging data sources to explore and react in time to the market opportunities.

Why choose LakeB2B as your Data Licensing Partner?

  • Multiple Licensing Options
  • Best End-User Experience
  • High Quality, Responsive Data
  • Dedicated Support Staff Specialized in Managing your End to End Business Marketing Needs
  • Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Great Levels of Customer Satisfaction

In addition, there are a few pressing concerns faced by the food and beverage industry including

  • Waste reduction, loss of product, incorrect inventory and record keeping are some of the major areas of concern. Additionally, companies who are not updated with proper database are continuing to generate waste within the industry.
  • Value-added foods and beverages are becoming more popular and challenging as consumers’ look for more than just flavor and price while making purchase decisions. Thus understanding the consumers’ food habits and maintaining an accurate database is extremely crucial. Introducing new products that align with emerging consumer trends in a timely manner is difficult for many food and beverage companies, as the process of creating new, relevant products and moving them through R&D, testing, and marketing to retail is time consuming. High quality,verified, timely and a strong consumer database needs to be established to overcome these ongoing challenges.

LakeB2B’s data licensing solutions for the food & beverage industry is an end-to-end suite that provides complete coverage for all your data management needs. We follow a holistic approach to give you access to high quality and relevant data in a timely and cost effective manner. We truly believe that effective data management can be a source of significant competitive advantage. Our clients from the food & beverage sector are supported by a highly skilled team of specialists who provide automated and manual validation processes to improve data, among other services. Our teams also provide service delivery, help desk support, and include experienced developers who continuously expand our data structures.

Industry Specific Benefits:

  • Automatically updates client with qualitative, and accurate information
  • Helps in waste reduction
  • Efficiently manages food inventory data, predicts sales and supervises transportation
  • Improves productivity through multiple licensing options
  • Provides an integrated approach to data management by ensuring compliance across the entire food industry