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Leverage Robust Account Profiling Services

Marketers in the B2B space understand that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) works better than mass marketing. But ABM will yield the desired results only if accounts are thoroughly assessed and profiled to determine their intent and capacity to convert. That is just what account profiling services from Lake B2B can accomplish.

Our account profiling solutions offer businesses rich insights into their customers’ needs, purchase behavior, preferences, and limitations. Equipped with this information, marketers can pitch the most suitable products and\or services to the right prospects.

Custom Prospect Profiling Services for Custom Needs

Our affiliations with leading media houses, on-site correspondents, global regulators, and record-keeping authorities have enabled us to create a master sales leads database that collates detailed account information in real-time. Our b2b account profiling solution delivers information that not readily available anywhere else in the market.

We offer intelligent account profiling solutions that are customized to suit your needs. Using our data, you can generate comprehensive reports for marketing professionals, sales teams, and top decision-makers. We analyze market demand trends and segment prospects accordingly, based on the value that they can add. With our account profiling solutions, you can identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and react to them with better ABM strategies. Our account profiling services equip the marketing and sales teams with comprehensive information and help them work together to generate higher marketing ROI.

We Customize Our Account Profiling Intelligence To Suit Your Needs

Before we deliver our b2b account profiling solutions, we determine who the user of this information is. Our solutions are then customized to cater to that particular user(s), be it the marketing team, sales team, or top decision-makers. We also ask you to choose your profiling focus, which could be any of the following:

  • Company History
  • Partnerships & Key Customers
  • Income Details
  • Cash Flow Details
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Operating Markets
  • Office Locations
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Executive Bios
  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • Product & Company Awards


And finally, we deliver the data in your preferred reporting format, which could be a PowerPoint presentation (PPTX), an Excel spreadsheet (XLSX), a Whitepaper (PDF), or another similar reporting format.

Why Is Lake B2B The Right Provider Of Account Profiling Services For You?

Over 7000 top-ranking firms in the world have relied on Lake B2B for B2B data and other data-driven services. From small businesses operating in niche markets to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies like Oracle, Adobe, Toshiba, and Huawei, we have partnered with businesses of every shape and size. Our team of 500 data experts, 450 digital professionals, 254 marketing analytics, 100 creative resources, and hundreds of other professionals in different capacities work tirelessly to update your email leads database so that your data is always reliable, current, and up to date. We cater to over 680 industries, and our datasets contain over 75 intelligence fields to help you devise targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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