High School Email List

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“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Nelson Mandela.

High school is a very important stage in a student`s life when he learns and prepares to thrive in the ‘real world’. Appropriate high school training will help students make the right choices after graduation. At Lake B2B we provide valid mailing information on high schools and their executives. Our geo-targeted high schools email list provides data on decision makers from leading high schools across the USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

About High Schools and what you get in the High School Email Database

High School is an important stage in the life of a student. In the United States, 60 percent of jobs require employees to have training or education beyond high school. According to the U.S. Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who received high school diploma or GED were 37.5 percent less likely to be unemployed than others.

Marketers of products, educational material, certificate programs, skills training services and more have a hard time reaching decision makers at the high school level. More than 50% marketers prefer to make better use of their time and resources by making use of educational mailing lists for the purpose of business communication. At Lake B2B we understand the demand for business data for communication and hence have our teams develop the email list of High School professionals for the same!

Some of the staff titles and data available in our high school decision makers list include:

High School Principal/Dean Email AddressesHigh School Activities Director Email Addresses
High School Secretary Email AddressesHigh School Guidance Counselor Email Addresses
High School Student Registrar Email AddressesHigh School Educational Assistant Email Addresses
High School MTSS Coach Email AddressesHigh School CSCT Therapist Email Addresses
High School Behavior Specialist Email AddressesHigh School Psychologist Email Addresses
High School Police Liaison Email AddressesHigh School Head Librarian Email Addresses
High School Nurse Email AddressesHigh School Cashier Email Addresses
High School Head Cook Email AddressesHigh School Child Nutrition Manager Email Addresses
High School Parking Lot Security Email AddressesHigh School Business Manager Email Addresses
Many More

Attributes of Lake B2B’s High Schools Mailing Data List: How businesses can leverage with our Educational Email List

Lake B2B ensures that your investments are going the right way as it helps you invest in relevant data and not generic data. With useful data on leading decision makers in different high schools, across states, our high schools email contact list will take your marketing messages across cities in – California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Kansas, Utah to name a few.

The high school email address database gives access to a valid educational mailing list to help connect with the best schools in and around your area. It’s therefore not surprising that clients have used the high school email addresses to gain new customers, up-sell and cross sell their products and services, network for future deals, expand client base and more.

Benefits and Features of Lake B2B’s High School Mailing Addresses

The email mailing list of high schools aims to simplify the entire process of B2B marketing. Delivering world-class databases, we at Lake B2B have assisted marketers in multichannel campaigning, driving sales and garnering higher revenue and in building a niche client base. The data helps marketers connect with authoritative decision makers to promote the brand and services across channels to generate business leads for conversion by reducing marketing expenditure.

Salient Features

  • Exhaustive high school directory with contact details of educational heads from US, Canada, Europe, UK, EMEA, APAC and other countries
  • 1.2 million phone calls per month as a part of data verification
  • Quarterly SMTP and NCOA verified database of High Schools in USA to keep data fresh and active
  • 100% telephone and email verified databases
  • Database regularly updated and cleansed to keep it free of duplicate and inaccurate data
  • Permission based email addresses to ensure that marketing messages reach genuine customers
  • 10 million verification messages sent every month to validate email addresses of high school executives
  • Suitable for promoting products and services like business services offers, publications, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking etc.

So make sure that you don’t find excuses for failing at global marketing campaigns and in reaching targeted medical practitioners and healthcare specialists. With our high schools marketing database you will seldom have a reason not to succeed! So make haste and take action today!

Some of our popular education email mailing lists include:

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