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Choose accurate sales & marketing intelligence with Lake B2B experts.

Best Definitive Healthcare alternative to launch ROI assured campaigns

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Give us a chance to show you how To drive assured campaign ROI

This is how you drive the best value from your marketing budgets.

Identify your
sweet spot

Experience –Superior customer coverage, contact refresh frequency and depth of detail.

Identify –Top industry influencers that bring you closer to your most prospective customers.

Target total
addressable market

Launch –Intent personalized sales & marketing campaigns that project you as a solution leader.

Close – High value deals and win over new grow frontiers with Lake B2B.

Grow with accurate Sales intelligence and tech install data.

Discover a more reliable way to grow with sales data

We not only help you identify your top customers.

Our experts go a step further with personalized growth campaigns based on customerintent and immediate needs.

Let us help you grow by uncovering value from data that matters

Hottest leads, buying signals, tech stacks—what else do you need?

Our experts know how to reach those who matter the most to you.

Comparison Matrix

Guage Lake B2B Definitive HC
Company Profile Data and Marketing Solutions for Healthcare Industry Data, Insights and Analytics for Healthcare Industry
Key Competitive Advantage www.health.lakeb2b.com www.defhc.com
Target Market Healthcare, Technology, Education ,Automotive, Publishing, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, Finance & Banking, Real Estate, Travel, Tele-Communication Pharma & Biotech, Technology, Consulting, Facilities & Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare Providers & IDNs, Staffing & Recruiting
Products & Services   Comprehensive data on hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers
Data Coverage 26+ Million 1.7+ Million
Intelligence 110+ Data fields 45+ Data fields
Specialties 900+ Specialties 119+ Specialties
Distribution Channels Salesforce, CRM, API, FTP, CSV Salesforce, CRM, API, FTP
Data Rental Yes -
Email Campaign Yes -
Cross-Channel Audience Targeting Yes -
Global Reach High -
Data Management Solutions Yes -
B2B2S Yes -
Prescription Data Yes -
Total Addressable Market Yes -
Free Sample Data Yes -
Patient Records Yes -
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