Account-Based Marketing (ABM), as the name says, is marketing to a particular account, which is the client. The ABM approach is entirely different from traditional marketing.

ABM is a procedural task that includes targeting accounts and identifying metrics, objectives, users, and potential buyers. Upon identifying buyers, we create offers and campaigns based on the opportunities available. After integrating the campaign results, accounts are scored and sent to the sales funnel accordingly.

At Lake B2B, we have a procedural way of implementing account-based marketing.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Choosing the account: Zeroing in on an account based on the target audience and selecting other accounts with similar demographics.
  • Research: Conducting in-depth research on the clients. Understand their pain points and create a list of solutions the brand can offer to its clients.
  • Sending the proposal: A flawlessly chalked out business plan for the account is communicated. It is about making them understand that you are well-versed with their business, industry, and issues.

Account-Based Marketing can help secure:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Better customer loyalty and retention
  • Strategic relationships with clients
  • Successful bids with lower investments
  • Shorter business sales cycles

Win more customers and retain them like never before.

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