Demand Generation

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

As marketers are shifting focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing, demand generation is gaining importance. It is finding itself at the top among emerging ways to drive revenue. Marketers are now required to be more accountable for increasing the returns on overall investments by building lifelong relationships with customers. Today’s marketing world requires flexibility, scalability, and the ability to reach out to new geographies, markets and target audiences. That makes fresh tactics, tools, and technologies absolutely necessary.

Using the LakeB2B tools and technologies, companies will be able to cultivate sales-ready leads. Statistics say that a mere three percent buys immediately after your first attempt, and the rest need to be nurtured till they actually become sales-ready. It’s about walking them through the sales funnel and helping them make that decision. Our end-to-end Demand Generation tactics do not end with creating leads…

  • Better and qualified leads
  • Increased deal size
  • Lower cost per head
  • Decreased lead conversion cost
  • Lesser/zero lead leakage

Here is what you get